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Monday , June 26 2017

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Do You Know How Energy Efficient Is Your City?

Over the past few decades, innovations have been geared towards being, cheaper, faster, more efficient and portable. At the core of all these technological innovations was energy which has been, and continues to be the power driving the gadgets, appliances and machines. The over emphasis on the cost and portability …

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The 5 Things about Home Buying That Nobody Tells You

Buying a home is a simple task – if you get all the information, especially that which is not immediately apparent! Having a permanent roof over your head is important, especially in financially straitened times. Taking a home loan is one of the easiest ways to finance a home purchase …

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Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Pearl Set

You know that gorgeous looking set of pearls that your daughter gifted you on your birthday? Or the one that your loving husband gifted on your anniversary? Or perhaps, the one that you bought for yourself with your first bonus cheque? If you own a set made of these magnificent …

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