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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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Your Guide To Get The Right Helmet

Helmet is a form of protective gear generally worn while riding bikes to protect from injuries during any mishap.

Helmet Rules

In India, the government has made extremely stringent rules for making it a statutory requirement for every two wheeler rider to wear a helmet. Even during pillion rides, it is a must for a man, woman or child to have this shield on them.

Beside wearing a helmet, you must be careful to be wearing a helmet which is ISI certified and has the ISI mark on it as a proof of quality. Anyone failing to adhere to these rules can get charged with a fine. However, Sikhs who wear turbans are exempted from these rules.

Where To Buy Helmets ?

In case you are wondering where to get your helmets from which will guarantee good quality then you must head over to one of the many online shops.

The variety offered by these online shops is unbeatable. So you are sure to find something that will fit your requirements perfectly. You can also avail amazing discounts and deal on your helmet online which will save you quite a lot of money. What more ? Most of these shops deliver your products to your doorstep free of cost. What else do you need !

How To Choose The Right Helmet ?

The plethora of options is bound to confuse you while you make your buy. So, you must stay aware of what are the pros and cons of each of these types of helmet to choose the right one for you.

Full Face Helmets

As the name suggests, it is suppose to cover your entire head and face which ensures maximum safety and protection when compared to the other types. So, if safety is your main concern or you live in an accident prone area then this is your best bet.

It is also great to protect you from the harsh winds and the noise it creates when you ride. However, if you want to enjoy the feel of the winds then you can pull up your visor but that reduces your safety. These helmets can be quite an investment as they are one one the most expensive ones.

Open Face Helmets

Open faced helmets are comparatively more comfortable than a full face helmet. They are perfect for people who feel claustrophobic within the confines of a full face helmet. However, they are not as safe as the full face ones.

You can have a better range of vision as there are no visor in an open head helmet which can taint your vision. These come at a much cheaper price than the full faced helmets.

Flip Up Helmets

Flip up helmets are a lovechild of the full face and open face helmet. It offers the comfort of an open face while giving you the protection of a full face helmet. It has a mechanism, which allows you to flip up the entire front portion of the helmet to give you the feel of an open face, or it can be kept lowered to resemble a full face. Although, they claim to offer the best of both worlds,  they often show difficulty in the flip up feature. The mechanism gets jammed and may cause more harm than good. They also come at a very steep price.

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