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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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You would kill for the features on a plugable digital microscope

Regardless of whether you are a scientist or not, it is a fact that just about anyone can have a use for a pluggable digital microscope. For example, scientist would use them to look at the minute cells that make up living organisms but other people such as hobbyists or stamp collectors would probably use the pluggable digital microscope for a completely different reason. Here are some of the features of this special sort of microscope that would make you drool.

Features you would expect

  • Compatibility with operating systems and software

One of the main limitations of traditional microscopes is that it can be very difficult to take a photo of the sample under the lens but this does not apply to the pluggable digital microscope as it comes with a webcam chipset built internally! What this means is that you can easily hook it up to a computer running standard operating systems and view your images from there.

  • Amazing quality images

The pluggable digital microscope comes with a camera that is built in with at least 2.0 Megapixels that provides users with a whopping 250X magnification! To improve user convenience, the image’s magnification will automatically correspond with the size of the user’s monitor but of course, the user has the freedom to increase or decrease the magnification on their own as they see fit.

  • Additional lighting provided

When using the pluggable digital microscope, there is always a need for presence of light but where the traditional microscope falls short, the pluggable digital microscope comes with an LED light that provides ample brightness so that you can see the image clearly. This is especially useful if you work in an environment that is simply too dark or has insufficient lighting. You don’t have to move outdoors under the sun when you can simply switch on the LED light that is attached!

  • Flexible arm stand

The arm stand provides an added layer of convenience for being especially flexible and is very useful when work space does not permit ample space. The flexibility in the arm of the pluggable digital microscope allows you to accommodate your microscope to your workspace as you see fit!

  • Measuring has never been easier

IT can be hard to accurately measure minute objects and that is why the pluggable digital microscope comes with an observation pad that provides markings for measurement. This is convenient as you would not have to attach a secondary piece of measuring equipment to measure.

There is without the shadow of a doubt that the pluggable digital microscope is a hundred times easier and more convenient to use than traditional microscopes. That is why you should get one for yourself today!

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