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Sunday , February 25 2018
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What you should know about the Benefits of Having a Security Guard or Officer in Your Premises

Security is more of an issue now than ever, what with so many reports and incidences of security breaches in many locations around the world. In the United Kingdom, many businesses require security services at one time or another and more and more businesses are opting for permanent security services as well. This is true whether or not your business is located in a busy city or in a quiet neighborhood.

If you increasingly feel that your business needs a security service, especially when it comes to actual security guards on your premises, then you are not alone. A rising percentage of businesses in the UK are opting to employ security services in order for their properties to have ample protection at all hours of the day and night.

So what are the benefits you can expect from a security guard service? Let’s find out.

A visible, easily-identifiable deterrent

The fact is that many criminals today are still comprised of petty criminals, or those who just engage in vandalism and other small criminal acts for whatever reason. But if you have business premises that are protected by a security guard 24/7, these security guards or officers will serve as a visible and easily-identifiable deterrent for those types of criminals. The deterrent factor is increased even further when your business’ security guards make it a point to do regular patrols of both the interior and exterior of your business property. Criminals who have been ‘staking out’ your premises will easily see these security guards and will simply look for a lower-risk location (or opportunity) rather than be face to face with your security officers.

A more professional impression 

Security guards are not only ideal for security and protection, either. You can also make use of them if you would like to impart a more professional impression or image for your business. The presence of security guards in your premises will be a welcome sight to your clients and visitors, and will even enhance the morale of your own staff as they know that they are safer and more secure. Investing in Oxford security services like will show your clients, visitors, and own staff that you care enough about your premises and your security to do something about it.

Eliminate risk and save on insurance

Did you know that if you have visibly more secure premises (i.e. the presence of security guards as well as security alarms, etc.), you can benefit from more savings on your insurance expenses? Insurance companies favour businesses who have taken their own security measures. And whilst you are saving on your insurance expenses, you are eliminating the risk of security breaches and issues as well.

Complete flexibility

When you enlist the service of a security specialist who can provide you with security guards and officers, you can also benefit from complete flexibility. And what does this mean? This simply means that the security guards and the services they provide can be adapted to what you believe you require. Some companies require security for construction sites or industrial complexes, so this would entail constant patrolling of the property’s exteriors. Other companies require the setting of alarms, whilst certain businesses may also require reception or concierge tasks from their security personnel. If you require round-the-clock patrolling, for instance, or if you require a security lock up and unlock service or the searching of visitors, personnel, and even vehicles and lockers, the security agency should be able to provide you with exactly what you need and adjust their services and specialties to suit your requirements.

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