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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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What is Vape Juice?

Vape juice is a flavored nicotine product that is intended to be used with personalized vaporizers. This increasingly popular activity has become one of the preferred ways to consume nicotine while avoiding many of the harmful side effects of smoking. There are a wide range of juices available, but they are all made from the same simple ingredients.

The Base Liquid

The largest ingredient makes up the base of the liquid. It comprises 80 to 90 percent of the entire volume. The properties determine the density and texture of vapor produced. Most are comprised of a combination of vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol.

Vegetable glycerin is often available in USDA certified organic varieties, and is commonly found in other consumer products like tooth paste. Some users prefer to use a juice with a base that is exclusively vegetable glycerin. It produces a lighter vapor and does not lead to as much dryness or irritation.

Propylene glycol increases the density of the vapor. This fluid is also used in fog machines for the quality of the vapor it creates. The vapor from a juice that has a strong mixture of this stuff is much thicker. Sometimes it can cause dryness or allergic reactions. Many users experiment with blends until they establish their preferences.

The Flavoring

The second largest ingredient is the flavoring compounds. These can be natural or artificial flavors. They usually account for ten to twenty percent of the volume. Tastes can be made that mimic different foods or drinks, and many enjoy experimenting with new combinations and pairings.


A pharmaceutical grade nicotine is often added to the juice, but this is an optional ingredient. Some prefer not to use any nicotine at all, and many companies offer several juices that are completely free of nicotine. The quantities of this optional drug can be as high as 2.4% of the total volume, but this is considered to be excessive. One of the key advantages of vaping is the exact control users have over the total volume of nicotine they consume.

Distilled Water

This is added as a filler in some juices. It helps to balance everything out and create an even blend of the other ingredients. It is often unnecessary, but added anyways to dilute or alter the intensity of the flavors.

Unlike a standard tobacco cigarette, vaping juice is easy to understand. Juices can be made with as little as two ingredients or as many as five depending. Custom made flavors and nicotine levels give you control over your vaping experience.

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