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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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Walter Viola On Tips To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

Walter Viola feels that some tips are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur and one should go through the tips to gain mastery over entrepreneurship. Some soft skills are needed to succeed in every business, and as an entrepreneur, one should require more soft skills.

Walter Viola on getting the right attitude to succeed

Walter Viola believes one should ensure that there is a good network connection before embarking on an entrepreneurial journey and this means that these connections will help in solving problems that may arise in business. The key obvious is to have a quality relationship.

One should focus on what needs to be done while starting a business and one should ensure that a niche is found out and one should focus on that niche rather than focusing on too many things at a time.

There may be moments when an entrepreneur will think of quitting and this thing happens when a fall or slide happens to business. There will be failures, and one should learn to derive maximum knowledge from failures.

Assume that you are working towards a goal, the brain will reinforce with negative thoughts as you may not be passionate. Be passionate about the work that you are in, and this will ensure that there will not be a shortage of ideas and energy that will break all barriers and will help you in making a move forward.

There are people who have succeeded in business by following the principle of serving other or meeting the needs of people and trying to change society positively rather than just focusing on money matters. The basic principle can be on what all ways one can change the world and one should look at these factors before starting a business. The big question then will be the economics behind it, and one should not start a business that can ruin a family or society. It is better to be an engineer, which makes a product that serves society rather than making a product that destroys humankind. There is nothing wrong for an entrepreneur to have a mentor or coach and this cannot be limited to one person as surrounding oneself with good mentors will give good positive thoughts and will help in ensuring that goals are reached.

Lead the way should be the motto of every entrepreneur and one should not shy away from taking responsibility, and one should ensure that there is no harm in getting hands dirty. There is no harm in thinking of being perfect and one should not always be waiting for perfect solutions but should have an open mind to keep improving as the days go by.

The economics behind an entrepreneur

Walter Viola states that an entrepreneur should consider themselves as passing through a journey rather than thinking themselves as having reached a destination. There will be money troubles in the initial stages, and one should ensure that creative vision does not get blurred, and one should not lose focus. There can be changes to marketing plan if it does not work, but one should allow the plan to be in place for sometime before giving judgment.

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