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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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Using Movavi Photo Editor for Mac for Your Photo Editing Needs

Mac computer does not come with a free photo editor so you will have to get a third party photo editor like Movavi Photo Editor for Mac. It is fully Mac compliant up to the latest iOS version so it will definitely work on your Mac computer. It offers similar features found in the Windows version. It is suitable for people who have to work with photos everyday or those who find the need to have to edit a large number of photos every once in while.

Movavi Photo Editor for Mac allows you to remove small or large objects that pose as obstacles in the photo. The software is able to remove the obstacle even if it is seems complicated. You just have to identify the unwanted objects and mark each of them with a red highlighting tool. If you don’t want the computer to automatically erase all the unwanted objects at once, you can click on the eraser button and manually erase away each of the unwanted objects.

The background will automatically be generated so there is no need to apply any clone stamp. The object removal tool is a big help as it simplify the process of removing flaws in photos which normally takes several hours to just a few minutes. The tool can be a great help if you have a large number of photos waiting for you to edit.

The background removal tool allows you to give your photo a new backdrop without having to figure out how to erase the whole background manually with an eraser as in a more complicated photo editing software. If you use a picture that is larger than the size your photo as the new background, it will be resized automatically.

Movavi photo editor for Mac allows you to add captions to anywhere on the picture. If you are uploading the photo online, you can add a text watermark as a way of showing that the photo belongs to your site. When you add a text placeholder on the photo, the text that you type will appear within frame. if your photo is too big, you can use the resize tool to convert it into a smaller dimension. If the original photo is unprofessionally shot, cropping it can make it look as if it is shot by a professional photographer.

If your photo is upside down, you can flip it to the correct position. The photo can be zoomed in and zoomed out when you are working on it. The Magic Enhance tool works great for photo that look dull. It can automatically detect what is lacking in the photo and enhance it so that it looks better. You don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes during the editing process because there is a revert all changes button at the lower right corner. If you click on the revert all changes button, all the changes will be clear and reset to as when you first load the photo.

Movavi Photo Editor for Mac offers more than 40 types of photo filters for you to add on the photo. Most of the photo filters can be adjusted by using the sliders. It supports several interface languages. You can find out where your language is supported at the Movavi site.

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