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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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Unique web hosting solutions like never before

Web Hosting; Which one to Choose

After setting up a website, people are often at a loss as to which Web host is the best for them. They waste lots of time comparing features and prices of many hosting services on the Internet trying to figure out one that conforms to their preferences. Unfortunately, it still proves quite hectic considering the number of hosting services available.

Choosing the best web hosting service

Knowing your needs is perhaps the first best thing to consider before choosing a web hosting service. Thereafter, you can determine the hosting package that suits your needs, followed by its management level and finally, the offers or the services accompanied by the package.

Before we list some of the best web hosting companies that offer the best deals at affordable prices, we shall first look at the types of hosting packages they provide.

Types of Hosting Packages

Most Web hosting companies have various packages that suit your website preference. They offer the following types of hosting services.

1. Shared Hosting

As a site beginner, this is the best hosting you can confidently pick. It is very cheap and worth your money.

As the name suggests, shared hosting means that your site shares a server with other websites as well as other hosting accounts. Despite being the cheapest, this hosting has some setbacks, the first being speed. If your site doesn’t use a lot of bandwidth, you are in luck. However, if your website is heavy, brace yourself for slow site loading. How does this happen?

In a shared hosting niche, a single server might be serving a lot of sites, which could be over a thousand. And if one user has a couple of other websites, the number rises even higher. All these sites are sharing the same server’s resources, and if one site is heavily browsed, it could lead to lots of RAM usage leaving other websites to remarkably load slowly. This often calls for one to contact their host’s support team who will, in turn, determine the cause and temporarily shut down the high traffic sites or shift you to another light server. The problem is that it is bound to happen again and again. This disadvantage will make you think twice before committing to a shared hosting package.

The question is, is shared hosting the best option for you? Absolutely yes, that is if you are running on a tight budget or has a family website. Although it may load slowly at times, it shouldn’t pose more problems.

DreamHost, BlueHost, InMotion, Site ground among others have this hosting at competitive prices.

2. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

If shared hosting isn’t a choice you will consider, perhaps VPS will best cater for your needs. It is one of the most used kinds of hosting, which has mostly proved to be reliable and stable.

Although VPS is still a shared platform, it is divided differently. It has been divided into many sections depending on the users. For any given number of users, the server avails a specific amount of RAM and hard disk space that will enable them to run the website optimally. However, should a user exhaust the allocated space and memory, the site will temporarily go down.

The good thing about VPS is that you can customize your environment without affecting the others on the server. This is such a welcome thing to developers. Apart from its customization feature, VPS is also scalable. The independence of your virtual server makes it ideal for required resources to be increased within no time.

DreamHost Managed VPS hosting, although not so cheap, is a good example of a plan that offers lots of services after hosting your website. Another option would be the InMotion VPS Hosting , which boasts a cloud support and managed SSD hosting.

You can find this package through DreamHost and InMotion among others.

3. WordPress Web Hosting

This is one of the easiest choices one could make. If your website is based on WordPress content management system (CMS), then this option will be ideal for you. It is among one of the cheapest and the easiest methods to get a website running. Many hosts of the WordPress platform have hosts automatic backend handling, which makes it easy for you when updating applications, CMS, as well as when you are permitting automatic backups.

WordPress offers a user thousands of themes and plug insurance, which makes it one of the best options that conforms to many Web hosts. WP hosting as mentioned is very cheap. 1&1 Managed WP package is one such cheap package. It offers a basic and a plus package for you to choose from. Others include the iPage WordPress Hosting, which is another choice to look at. It offers basic hosting to get you started as well as the ultimate package if you are up to it. Some of its features include core hosting plans, customizer control panel, pre-installed themes and plug inside among others. And while you are at it, the Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting plan is another option to look at.

4. Dedicated Hosting

This hosting is the exact opposite of shared hosting and the VPS package. Dedicated hosting means you are all alone on a particular server. This option gets you enjoying lots of benefits a server has to offer. This includes the type of memory you want, it’s amount, what OS to use and the kind of software you prefer.

However, you will be highly disadvantaged if you don’t know your way around a server or the computers for that matter. Even though there is still support for this hosting, a lot more work rests squarely on your shoulder. You’re even in more trouble if you get an unmanaged server that requires you to do all installations by yourself. Another disadvantage with this server is the hardware failure. You are doomed if that happens. In VPS for example, if a module fails, another one might take over and keep your site running. However, that is not the case with a dedicated server.

A dedicated server isn’t for website beginners. But if you have comprehensive knowledge of servers and you want to be the boss of your data privacy, contacting WiredTree, PickaWebor GreenGeeks for your ideal needs would be appropriate. 1&1 Dedicated Server hosting is nonetheless another company that offers affordable pricing in this area.

5. Cloud Hosting

If you are looking to avoid your server from crashing because of too many DDoS requests, cloud hosting is your choice. It functions the same as VPS hosting and the only difference is that it can be scaled even further. This is because cloud hosting offers one the ability to utilize resources of various servers in a network to achieve the best security among other benefits.

Although it might not seem like the best hosting service one would go with, it makes the best choice if you want to greatly scale your site much further than you can with other methods. Good examples of companies that offer cloud services are DreamHost, Amazon Web Services, Linode and Google Cloud.


Now you have a vivid idea of the type of hosting package you require, however, if you are at a loss on where to begin. Consider starting from the following list of companies, which hint the least price of their package.

• HostGator Web Hosting with the least package costing $3.33. It has incredible customer support and a high uptime.
• 1&1 Web Hosting. This Web hosting has a minimum price tag of $0.99 and boasts Linux OS and Windows support.
• InMotion Web Hosting. With a minimum price of $2.95, InMotion gives you a good uptime and unlimited email plus other features.
• DreamHost Web Hosting it packs lots of benefits, unlimited bandwidth and more features with a minimum price of $4.95.
• GoDaddy Web Hosting has the lowest price for a plan being $1.00. It has an excellent 24/7 support.
• Bluehost Web Hosting is another great option one could go with for as little as $3.49 and enjoy a broad range of hosting benefits.
• Hostwinds Web Hosting with as lows as $4.50 gives you great VPS plans and more features.
• Liquid Web Hosting offered excellent Windows and Linux support with VPS and dedicated hosting services for $39.99.
• A2 Web Hosting offers its services for as low as $7.99 and packs even more robust packages.
• iPage Web Hosting is another cheap option that offers to host for as little as $1.99 a month.


The best choice of a web hosting service solely depends on the kind of website you are running, the depth of your pocket and the flexibility of the service itself. The above only serve as guidelines to finding the best possible service for all you desire.

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