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Tuesday , January 16 2018

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Understanding Oilfield Wireline Equipments

Choosing wireline tools and equipments that are substandard or which do not suit the requirement, but used anyway for cost-cutting can turn out to be a costly mistake. So, it is important to understand the equipment and its right use, before making the final choice.

Wirelines and slicklines used for work-over and logging purposes are very similar devices. However, their uses differ. The slickline is a thin cable which is used to deliver and retrieve tools downhole into a well, whereas the wireline is an electrical cable that is used to lower tools and collect data about the state of the bore at various time intervals.

Wireline Tools

Below-mentioned is a list of some important equipment used on the wireline:

Surface Equipments:

Surface equipments include products that are used for the main operating procedures as well as routine maintenance. Some of which includes the following:

  • Bleed off/purge sub: A fitting installed on the lubricator to ensure elimination of dangerous gases, or as a nitrogen sub, or also to bleed off pressure and gasses to vessels or tanks.
  • Night caps/Lifting caps: Used to lift other surface equipments into place on to the wellhead and also to secure wellhead over night and gauge pressures.

Wire Fishing Tools:

Wire fishing tools are tools that are used to protect, provide maintenance or retrieve lines. Multiple fishing tools are used for various purposes, some of which are:

  • Junk Catcher: This fishing tool is made for protecting the line from falling debris which may cause the down-hole to clog up thus breaking the line. When being retrieved, the tool also brings along the debris collected which may otherwise have been hindering access to the tools.
  • Wire Finder: The wire finder is used to locate and collect broken wireline in the wellbore, the rest of which is the retrieved using other similar fishing equipment such as wiregrabs or spears.

Slickline Tools

Here is a list of some important equipment used on the slickline:

Locking Mandrels: This is a down-hole device, run and retrieved on slick lines and used to provide a setting point for flow control equipment such as valves, plugs and chokes. There are various types of locking mandrels, including the, baker style s-lock, W&Z lock and OTIS style D-lock and N-lock. 

Bailers: Bailers are slickline tools that are used to place or remove different objects, which may be required for or hindering the construction of the pipeline. There are various types of bailers used for various practical applications, some of which are:

  • Hydrostatic Bailer: The hydrostatic bailer is used to remove sand or debris surrounding any sub surface device. The pressure chamber in the bailer creates a vacuum when the shear pins are released to pull out debris.
  • Dump Bailer: A slickline tool used to deposit small volumes of cement slurry onto a plug or similar device, providing a stable platform in the wellbore.

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