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Thursday , January 18 2018

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Types of Equipments Needed for Hockey

That masks, sticks, skates and blades are of utmost necessity during a sport of hockey is well known by all, but what are the types of these equipments that are actually needed? You needn’t go into a deep analysis or rigorous study to come with an answer. Here is a list of all the types of equipments needed during the sport:


Masks are largely manufactured hockey equipments, majorly crafted of plastic. But before you go on and buy one, you need to know the types of masks available and are actually needed in the sport. Masks must never be brought on a cheap rate, as it starts to show sign of breaks, cracks and eventually wears out few months post your purchase. Go for the ones that are sturdy and you wouldn’t mind paying bucks for something that shields the most important part of your body; face. :

  • Full Mask

Ensuring absolute protection, full masks are designed as one sturdy piece which keeps serious impact away from the goaltender’s head.  Meant to save you from cuts and bruises, these masks possess some of the quirky designs and can be even customized according to the needs of the players. Sleek and stylish, full masks absorbs most of the impact and spreads the shock all across the mask, thus ensuring the goaltender doesn’t face or feel any of it.


When a hockey player, your hockey stick is like your best pal. One of the important equipment for playing hockey, choosing a stick is like choosing a wand. It must obey your command and aid you with perfect passing and stick handling. The flex, height and weight must all be considered when buying a stick.

  • Fiberglass

The most common in practice, fiberglass sticks are preferred for its designs and finishing. Besides, the fiberglass coating ensures absolute strength. Unlike wooden sticks, fiberglass sticks are light-weight and are most popular amongst the hockey players.

  • Graphite

Most popular, as graphite sticks can be used to coat wooden sticks. Also, an entire stick can be designed out of graphite. While graphite sticks are nice and light-weight, graphite sticks are but little expensive.


Hockey skates are aided with special padding safety besides quick start and stop construction. The skates might be of any sort but you have to consider the comfort, usage frequency, your body weight and of course the budget. Your weight would have a severe impact on your skate support. Skates tend to have replaceable steel, without which it is not worth considering.

Rigid ones

Go for the rigid skates if you are heavy weight. Besides, skates that are rigid provide maximum ankle support.

Not too big

Go for skates that are properly fitting around your feet. It must not be too big as bigger skates can glide faster and are usually uncomfortable. The heels should properly fit in and your toes must not be touching the boot tip.

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