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Tuesday , January 16 2018

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Top 5 Indian TV Shows That Were Copied From West

It’s a common phenomenon for TV stations in Asia and the Eastern world to copy templates of shows set out by successful Western-established shows and vice-versa, and India is no exception to this trend. Indian and Hindi TV Channels, including Colors TV Live, Star Plus live and Hindi TV are all examples of channels which have adopted Western TV Shows to their own style and country. All of these TV shows have proven very successful in the Western world, and the Asian channels invest their time into them all in the hopes of achieving similar levels of success.

While India has already established its own formula for successful TV shows and movies, they regularly emulate successful Western shows in an attempt to expose local talents internationally. With the success of Bollywood feature films, Indian actors, musicians and artists are gaining fame around the world, and many of these adaptations of popular Western shows are helping with this.

  1. 24– This American TV show first aired on Fox TV in the US in 2001 and continued its success for 9 seasons. Created by Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran, each season consists of 24 episodes and is uniquely set in real time, only 24 hours passing within each season. The Hindi adaptation aired in 2013 for 2 seasons, and was directed by Abhinay Deo.
  2. Bigg Boss– Bigg Boss is a Hindi take on the Western phenomenon that was Big Brother, a reality programme where celebrities are placed in a house under constant surveillance of Big Boss/Brother and the million of live views every evening. Since 2006 Bigg Boss has completed 9 seasons so far, and has proven a highly successful take on the Western hit with Indian celebrities.
  3. Jhalak Dihkla Jaa ( Dancing with the Stars)– Another take on a Western classic reality TV Show, Jhalak Dihkla Jaa sees Indian celebrities paired with professional dancers in a live show where voters interact and vote their favorite to win.
  4. India’s Got Talent– There are several countries around the world which have adapted the original America’s Got Talent format to promote and discover unknown, up and coming talent in their own country. Colors Television network in India broadcasts the Hindi take on Simon Cowell’s brainchild, which began airing in 2009 and is still active at present.
  5. Kaun Banega Crorepati– This is a Hindi version of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, which gained popularity after the 2008 release of Danny Boyle’s hit film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. In an identical format to the Western version which first aired in 1999, contestants answer questions and aim to correctly answer the ‘Million Dollar Question’ – in this case it is 20 million Rupees.

For Indians living and working abroad or simply those interested in viewing India’s take on familiar shows, it is possible to catch the Indian TV in USA by simply subscribing to Indian online streaming service YuppTV.

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