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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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Tips for College Freshmen

If you’re about to move into a dorm room as a college freshman in a few weeks, you’ll no doubt agree that Life is good! You’ve worked hard over the last four years, taken a rigorous course of study, scored well on standardized tests and worked your way through the difficult application process. Congratulations to you!  To continue on your path to success, follow these tips from former college freshmen and you’ll be on your way!

If you managed to sail through high school without reading every book chapter and verse and still managed to pull off great grades, good for you. Just know, in college, that won’t cut it. The reading volume is much higher and the expectation for analysis much more in depth. Yes, even in your freshman year with introductory courses. You’re flying solo here. No one is going to remind you to study, quiz you along the way or offer extra credit if you’ve not mastered the material. This is all on you. One of the biggest challenges is time management. You’ll be in class less than 20 hours per week. Compare that to the 35+ hours a week in high school. Bottom line is you’ve got a lot of time on your hands. That can be dangerous if you’re not disciplined.

Learn to say no. You’ll meet so many new people the first few weeks of class. Some of these people might be from your classes and some may be on your dorm hall or shared a table in the cafeteria. Don’t feel compelled to stay in touch with everyone. A lot of people you meet your first few weeks at a large state university you might not see again for months. That’s okay. You’ll eventually cultivate a great group of friends – but that takes time. Don’t say yes to off campus parties unless you really know where you’re going and what the crowd will be like. No need getting caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Call home. Yep. Stay in touch with your closet support network. Generally that’s your parents. They won’t grill you on your class work or how late you were out last night. They’ll just check in on your spirits and how well you’re adjusting to college life. Listen to them, share and above all, love them for supporting you in this wonderful journey!

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