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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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Things to Know for Cooking at Uni

Student life is one of those periods in your lifetime where you feel a little crazy. You don’t have mum or dad to make meals for you, you’re partying around the clock and your suddenly sharing halls or a house with a bunch of people you’ve only just met. It’s great! However, when it comes to the basic essentials such as preparing yourself a nutritious meal or quick yet healthy snack, it can become a little daunting and you suddenly wish you’d watched mum properly when she was cooking your favourite dinner at home. Not to worry! It’s so simple to make yourself some nutritious yet simple meals! Here are a few tips for cooking in college or Uni to help you stay positive and full!

Plan Ahead

Start each week with a budget. Planning how you are going to spend your money each week will make things so much easier for you. Decide on an amount that you feel will get you through the week with food, and maybe keep an extra bit of money in that pot just in case. Having a set budget each week will prevent you from overspending and potentially buying food that will go to waste, and it will also ensure that you’re stocking up on enough food to get you through the week. You could even look to put money into a pot with your housemates and make a larger meal each evening to feed all of you, this way you’re making the most out of the food you have and possibly saving a little extra too!

When living like a student, it’s always best to make sure you have certain items in those kitchen units, therefore you’ll never be without a meal even if you come home later than you planned and the shops have closed. Items that have a long life are ideal, such as pasta, rice, tinned foods and so on. Even freezing food is a really good way of keeping food for longer and not having to worry about best before dates as much as you usually would. When living on a budget, it’s often important to keep things stocked up, as you never know when you might run low on money or be unable to get to the shops for something specific.

Think Outside the Box

Preparing meals can seem like such a challenge, especially if you don’t feel as confident in the kitchen as you’d like too. You don’t have to be the next Jamie Oliver to make yourself a tasty dinner, and you certainly don’t need lots of fancy equipment and ingredients. One of the most popular meals to make is pasta. Pasta is one of those foods that is quick, easy and cheap, so it’s certainly a good choice for student life! Pasta can however, become slightly boring if you don’t add a tasty sauce to the mix. This is where people become phased and go straight for a jarred sauce that isn’t always as tasty as it should be. Preparing your own pasta sauce is actually really easy, all you have to do is search for a good pasta sauce recipe, purchase the ingredients and follow the instructions!

To make sure that you’re still getting enough fruit and veg, grab yourself some veg packs or fruit packs and pop them in the freezer. Many people love eating frozen fruit, but it’s also so easy to take them out, defrost them and use them in your evening meals. This way you don’t need to worry about not buying fruit or veg in case it goes off, you can simply purchase it all at once and use it spread out over a specific period of time. This way you know you’ll always have something in the freezer to add that’s a little healthier and good for you!

Multi-Tasking Equipment

Sharing a kitchen space with a number of people can often become crowded and busy. You rarely get a generous amount of space to store your kitchen essentials, so it’s always a good idea to take items that could work in a number of different ways. Keeping things simple yet practical will make your life much, much easier, as well as giving you additional space for other essential items that you may need. There are so many pans, pots and bowls that you can get today that work in multiple ways, such as bowls with a section for a drainer! These types of kitchenware will make your cooking experiences much better.

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