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Tuesday , January 16 2018

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The Sync Between Prophet and Prayer

In the great activity of social restructuring prophets have played important role all through different ages. By the version of Holy Bible, they are considered as the voice or spokesman of God. Typically, they teach, chastise, mediate, encourage and counsel his followers and common people. The ministry of prophetic personality begins in the company of God. They brings the messages of God to community people of being God’s representative, and while preaching them people start responding to clear various queries that appear in their mind.

A prophet can act as the pastor of a church or the leader of any ashram. Since his speeches come out of the heart of God, by applying them in the everyday life, they can help people relinquish the extent of their depression, woe, depression, distress and other sufferings of life. According to the distinguished Prophet, pastor and inceptor of SCOAN TB Joshua that one of the major cause of people’s unhappiness is their high expectation. People should keep in mind that none can evade the outcome of destiny. He preaches people to put their best and honest efforts without which none can reach the success edge. Nonetheless, they should also never forget that fortune is eternal, so accepting the reality is the only way. Instead of having anguish in mind, go for meditation and pray to God with your sincere esteem and love, and see how wonderfully you can have pleasure in mind.

A prophet is empowered by God and can undertake a variety of roles and this is a Godly expression from them. No wonder, the first and foremost role of a prophet is assisting people or letting them know the method of prayer. For every ministry related to God’s activities prayer takes a significant role. Since he has a very clear picture about what God expects people to know through prayers, he can act as the best guide. He can lead people effectively to undergo the significant prayer session. They are capable to administer the session in true prophetic ways which is said in Holy Scriptures and instructed by Jesus Christ.

Through the centuries, prayer has been an essential part of prophetic ministry. It has come naturally to the life-blood of the prophets for their ministry. Prayer has been documented as the key means of communicating to God and this communication make people’s life stress-free, relaxing and comfortable.

Born on the 12th June 1963, in ONDO state, Nigeria the hard-hitting voyage of TB Joshua that has uplifted him as an esteemed prophet from a young member of very poor family is truly impressing. As of today, the Chief of SCOAN is demanding throughout the world and is involved in global ministry activities. In these international ministry sessions, he shares his experience as a witness of God’s oceanic power. He welcomes people to SCOAN (The Synagogue Church of All Nations) to oversee how his community has been involved in varieties community welfare activities all over the world. In 21st century, he is one of the most respected and popular prophets and has been devoted to pass on words of God and messages of Jesus Christ to his followers.

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