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Thursday , January 18 2018

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Bi-folding Doors

The Pros and Cons of Bi-folding Doors

Bi-folding Doors are one of the most sought after door products currently on the market with over 25% of new homes featuring them at the rear of a property and more and more people replacing sliding doors with the bi-fold alternative.

Despite their popularity, there are however still question marks for some people as to whether they are significantly better than patio or French doors? There is no denying that they have some very good benefits, however for some they are just an expensive accessories.

Aluminium window and door manufactures Clear View based in Yorkshire, has recently spent months conducting a survey and their findings are below:

Bi-folding doors are particularly popular when homeowners are looking to maximise space, or when they don’t have lots of space. Whilst they are often used to prevent the division between internal and external living spaces, they can be used internally to help create division and create privacy. This can be particularly beneficial should you work from home during the day but at night or on weekends want to open up the same space to allow for more living areas. Also if you have kids and want to ensure they remain playing in a certain area of the home, but you can see them, these glass doors can be very beneficial

Other advantages include the natural light benefits and little floor space they require when fully retracted. Both are main reasons why people choose these over other options.

Yet, as we said earlier, they are not perfect doors and there are some cons. The same study found the following issues/problems with the doors.

Because of the hinge and retract effect, the door must be exactly level to ensure that it works. Occasionally when dirt gets caught or weather changes occur, you can have problems with the seamless opening and closing of the doors. This occurs more frequently with PVC doors rather than aluminium ones, however with the huge price differences you may not have a choice should you really want bi-folding doors.

Other issues include the cost. There is a significant difference in the cost between sliding and patio doors, and bi-folding alternatives and thus whilst they may be a preferred choice, often they might not be the financially viable choice.

As this survey finds out, it is more about the needs of the individual and their current financial predicament rather than a simple choice between two. Because of these issues, some people choose doors that do 90% of what they really want because they have more of a need currently than maybe waiting for their ideal doors.

There is no doubting the appeal of bi-folding doors, but just because they are the preferred option for looks, doesn’t always mean they are going to be the option for you. You should think carefully when considering adding bi-folding doors to your home as you may well be able to use sliding to create the same look and potentially have more pennies to use elsewhere within the home.

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