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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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The Must-try delicious Tandoori momos recipe

Momo has become a very street popular food in India at present. This is agastronomically great food which everyone loves. When there is momo on plate, we know that happiness has just landed. There are varieties of momos available these days in India.

The best part is, you can also make these delicious momos at home. If you look for how to make tandoori momos in Hindi at home, you will get a lot of easy ways of preparing them on online websites. Then why wait? Just take out a recipe and start making them at home so that you can gorge on momos at any time of the day. But before you do that, let’s have a look at what types and varieties are possible these days when it comes to momo.

  • Fried Momos

They are the delicious ones which are filled with a lot of sautéed vegetable or boiled chicken paste fillings. They do have a pepper seasoning on them and then these momos are deeply fries. The fried momos are crispy hot and if you team it up with chilli garlic sauce, then nothing like it. The crunch in the momo is the best thing to taste.

  • Steamed Momos

According to many dieticians and nutritionists, steamed momos can be a perfect inclusion in one’s regular healthy diet. The look like half-moons which have a thick flour wrapping and inside it there are juicy chinks of soya bean, paneer or chicken. Chunks of boiled fishes can be there as well. They all are mixed with very soft spices inside as a filling. These dumplings are best enjoyed in winter evenings with a bowl of piping hot soup.

  • Tandoori Momos

If it is India, then every dish has a tandoori version of it and momo is also not an exception. They are the best one to treat your desi taste buds. It is of course a fusion experiment and this one is very tempting for the momo lovers. One can get both veg and non-veg tandoori momos and pick according to their choices.

  • Wheat Momos

If you are very health conscious, then this one is for you. It is a momo meal for the one who is always conscious about their weight gains. Here, the momos are made out of wheat and one can patch it up with fiery chilli sauce to taste it very exciting.

  • Soup Momos

If you live in a cold weather are or during winter, you can always enjoy a plate of momo with a bowl of hot and steaming soup. Here the soup is made from either chicken broth or from the juices of some tangy vegetables. This bowl will definitely increase the flavour of the momos.

  • Kothe Momos

This is an exclusive Tibetan recipe and these are specially pan fried momos. They have crispy covering and a ginger based filling inside. One can use vegetables, chicken or pork as the main filling in the momos.

Tandoori momos recipe is available in Indian cook books.

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