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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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The Lawsuit for IVC Filter, which Cause Major Damage

The lawsuit involving the ivc filter manufacturing of the ivc blood clot devices, failed to warn physicians and patients of the high risk of the filter breaking, which allows the metal to move to the blood streams and cause damage to organs. The ivc filter lawsuit is applied to all the ivc filter devices. The ivc is referred as Inferior Vena Cava in the vein, which carries the deoxygenated blood from the lower portion of the body to the organs such as the lungs and heart. The ivc filter was discovered to prevent the blood clot  and also keep the existing blood clot in the blood stream that has broken, called embolism, from other vital organs and heart. The recent study has found that the ivc filter has failed to do its function and also cause major health issues to the patients using it. The vital organs that get damaged by this device are: , Vena Cava thrombosis and perforation and pulmonary embolism. The ivc filter is not prescribed to all patients – it is recommended only for those who are unable to take anti-clotting drug. The filter is located in the lower portion of the body like the hips and legs, where the veins are located. After the implantation is done, the filter captures the blood clot in order to prevent making way to the heart, brain, lungs and other parts.

Side Effects of Using ivc Filter

The ivc filter causes lots of complications  and harmful side effects in ivc. The ivc related problems and side effects include:

  • Device fracture- The filter fracture involves breaking up of filter into pieces that cause injury to the lungs and the ivc veins of the heart.
  • Device migration – migration in known as the device can corrode into a part of the body outside the vein in which it was implanted.
  • Device performance – as for the performance of the filter, the filter can perforate or puncture the heart, lungs or ivc vein.
  • Tilting of the filters – in this condition, the fluid amasses in the surface near the heart, which makes it difficult in functioning, which is also termed as cardiac tamponade.
  • Inability to retrieve the filter from the body- the filter is to be inserted in deep vein thrombosis. The blood clot in the vein of the lower part such as the legs, makes it difficult for the blood to reach the heart and lungs.

Defective Lawsuit for ivc Filter

The main cause for the filter injury is subject to fracturing the implanted inside of patients. It makes the fragment of metal way throughout the body from the intended location of the implant. The legal options are made for the sufferers, who are affected by the ivc filter. They can also file lawsuit of the manufacturer and also assert for the injury losses by the defected filter and claim payment. Keep aware of the law firms so as to explore options for an ivc filter lawsuit and some of them provide free legal advice for such cases. Every one should be aware of the deadly defect in the device, which even causes death.

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