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Tuesday , January 16 2018

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The French Revolution – A Look Back In History

This year has already seen some historic moments. America celebrated its 240th independence day, Britain left the EU with current Prime Minister David Cameron stepping down, the people of Britain and France remembered 100 years since Battle of the Somme and America are soon to vote a new president into power in November – with Donald Trump strongly backed as one of the favourites to take Presidency.

It is important to remember that although the world is seeing many changes in 2016, a lot of what formed the modern society we find ourselves in today are actually thanks to major historical eras that formed and took place many hundreds of years ago. One of, if not arguable the biggest era in timewas The French Revolution, between 1789-1799, which has proven to be a period of suchinfluence on social and political reform in not only France, but the world.

Why is the French Revolution so important?

The French Revolution dethroned King Louis XVI, the man who at the time carried all of the French’s power. Once Napoleon took control and stabilised the country, he established a republic wherebya backlash of political turmoil and violence occurred. This led to Napoleon concluding on the ideology of dictatorship and instead led toinspiration and principles of Western Europe, later resulting in liberal and radical ideas. Many other key figures and influencers during this era like Stanislas de Clermont Tonnerre, along with Napoleon and senior politicians introduced liberal and republic democracies rather than absolute monarchies, making The French Revolution one of the most important era’s in human history.

French Revolution

How did the French Revolution end?

Though books and thorough research claim the French Revolution ended in 1799, it is hard to determine the exact time this event in history came to an absolute stop and how exactly it did end. Some believe this historical era in fact ended in 1802, when Napoleon was made consul for life and later on named emperor rather than in 1799 when he took charge and reformed the government system. Although we may never know how the French Revolution ended, we do know that during Napoleon’s time in power he completely reshaped the French government system and the way the entire country moved forward and was run from then on.

The influence on today’s Modern Western Society

The French Revolution was a significant period of time that has changed today’s Modern Western Society. This era influenced radical social and political change, reforming policies and rules to create a revolution. This has led to improvements in today’s society which promoted powerful figures and leaders to advance and adapt these notions in order to improve France’s civilization and set an archetype for future societies around the world. The slogan “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity” was a reformist idea and foundation for the French. These three words conveyed a strong message during the French Revolution and played an important role in Napoleon progressing French society through his ideologies, contributing to standards of today’s modern world. The Napoleonic era has seen positive impacts and important notions formed that have evidently affected the progression of Modern Western Society – includingthe downfall of monarchies and the introduction of modern democracies.

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