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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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The benefits and packing tips for short term storage

Individuals put everything in self-storage from seasonal clothing to holiday decorations, sporting equipment, furniture and heavy machines. Businesses utilize self-storage for excess office equipment, documents, and furniture, tools, inventory, and supplies. Self-storage facilities rent space on a long term, short-term, seasonal basis to individuals or to businesses.

What’s a short-term storage?

When it comes to renting out a storage unit, it’s good to think about how long you need the space for. Holding things in storage for a long period is easy as pie. However, don’t worry about being sucked into overly long contracts because there are options for short term storage Scarborough available. If you are in the midst of moving homes and need a temporary solution to the chaos in your new location, think about taking up self-storage space. As a temporary holding area for inventory while you are looking for larger premises for your office, or perhaps to hold some purchases before it can be moved into your home, self-storage is the perfect solution with flexible rental periods and easy to extend contracts.

What benefits does a storage unit provide?

There are a number of great benefits provided by storage units. Some of the top benefits include:

  • Providing great business solutions, including a space to store unused documents, excess stock and furniture that is not needed at that moment in time.
  • Offering a place to store goods that you’re not using but still want to keep, such as out of season clothing and bulky furniture.
  • Most storage facilities, allow you to access your belongings 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Many facilities offer flexible terms, including the opportunity to up-size your space and exit the contract relatively easily.
  • Being able to store your things securely and with confidence is what you are going to do with such an option.

Packing tips for a self storage facility

  • Choose The Right Box.
  1. Smaller box for heavy items like books & dishes.
  2. Large boxes for lighter items like blankets, bedding & linens.
  • Pack your boxes the right amount.

Boxes should not weigh more than you can comfortably fit.

  • Close boxes with quality tape.

These will ensure that each box maintains its structure and protects your items

  • Label your boxes.

Use a black marker to label the contents of each box

  • Make items as small as possible.

Many stored items can be made smaller.

What are the advantages of booking a self-storage?

Whether you are in the process of moving home, selling, renting, buying, self-storage can provide all solutions to your needs. Self-storage provides the option to switch out, it gives you the ability to access your belongings whenever you want & always rotate your furnishings.

How can I find low rental rates self-storage facilities in Scarborough?

Go to each individual provider to find pricing. Go online and search for self-storage near your home/business. It’s good to do a bit of comparison of the different self-storage facilities in the area so that you can find out the very best rates for self-storage units in   Scarborough region.

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