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Sunday , February 25 2018
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The Advantages of Steel Scaffolding Services in The Construction Industry

When a building is under construction, restoration or maintenance, it is often necessary for temporary scaffolding structures to be erected – to provide a platform for operatives to work from. Scaffolding systems are complex structures designed for specific construction operations, they come in a variety of materials and offer different advantages. The standard materials and structural examples of scaffolding include Steel, Wood, Aluminium, “Tubular Needle”, “Cantilever”, “Kwikstage” and “Modular” scaffolding.

In this article, we shall be outlining the unique benefits of Steel Scaffolding and the key considerations that must be taken into account during this system’s working lifespan.

Flexible Design Options

Steel scaffolding is very useful in the built environment as it can be erected quickly, constructed into complex structures and reused in multiple operations. The primary benefit of this system from a health and safety perspective is the flexibility to design a structure that fits perfectly to the building’s shape and features. It also often includes pre-fitted security lines, decking and netting – making it a safe and straightforward working platform to erect. As a result, this allows the scaffolding services and engineers to create a structure that takes into account overhanging constructs and dangerous elements. In sites where construction operatives need to be working with electricity, there’s a provision for insulating material to be added to the structure; therefore, decreasing the risk of any accidents due to electric shock from happening.

Safety Considerations

As steel scaffolding can be erected to vast heights, it is essential that construction managers should assess all of the loose materials and equipment that is being lifted to higher levels and make certain operatives are fully trained to work in these environments.

Steel scaffolding offers a robust and steady support. The strength of the structure means that it can carry heavy loads and be fixed securely in significant rain or the wind locations. Steel scaffolding has been designed in a similar manner to sky-scrapers, in that it is even capable of withstanding extreme weather and natural disasters such as earthquakes due to its tensile strength.  Steel can last an extended lifespan of a building’s construction, even if it takes decades, as shown in the ” Sagrada Família ” Cathedral in Barcelona, due to its durability in comparison to other scaffolding materials.

Always Purchase Scaffolding Systems from the Experts

It is crucial to make sure whatever kind of scaffolding is acceptable for the job, experienced and competent scaffolding services correctly erect the structure and undertake regular safety checks. Burflex Scaffolding Ltd. is one of the United Kingdom’s most experienced steel scaffolding providers, capable of providing options for any particular scaffolding demands of your organisation. From steel cellular towers, scaffolding stairways and ladder, Kwikstage modular structures and additional services available. They are one of the best!

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