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Sunday , February 25 2018
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Stubborn Fat

Sono Bello and Losing Stubborn Fat and Cellulite

There are many people around the world who are struggling with one thing – yes, it is the struggle of losing weight. When people start putting on weight, they might feel they are just going to stop putting on weight after some time by their own. But, unless you take some serious measure of preventing any further weight gain, nothing much can be done about stopping the weight gain by itself. If you continue to sit and work, or eat cheesy pizzas, French fries and gooey bars of chocolate, then your weight gain will keep on adding.

You will need to work out and that too right away. It has been found that working out and eating healthy foods will really help in losing weight. Keep continuing it for some time. But if you are still unable to lose the ugly tires or shapeless love handles on your hips, cellulite bumps on your thighs or even the flabby forearms, then you shall also consider going for cosmetic procedure of fat removal.

Fat removal has to be done by the experts from reputed clinics like Sono Bello and this will only ensure that the procedure is done properly. Apart from just fat removal, you shall get accurate body contouring and facelifts.

Treatments for fat removal and body contouring:

If you have fat deposits in your body, you may not be able to identify if it is the fat that could be melted away or if it is stubborn fat or cellulite deposits only. So, what you shall do about it? It is simple – consult a physician from Sono Bello and get to know the exact way of removing fat or cellulite. There are few varieties of treatments done:

  • Trisculpt TM
  • Venus Freeze/ Venus Legacy
  • Velashape

These treatments are very good and they have been successfully removing fat and cellulite.

  • Trisculpt TM: The first step in this procedure would be to identify the exact spots that can be defined as problem areas for men and women. The second step would be using the power-lite liposuction method for targeting on the affected areas. The third step would be for removing the fat and defining the contours and sharpening the features.
  • Venus Freeze/Legacy: One of the best-known methods using advanced Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulses, the treatment is fine for you to lose spot cellulite and help in tightening skin and removing wrinkles or sagging skin.
  • Velashape: This is a non-surgical method of removing fat and cellulite, using FDA approved methods of removing fat and cellulite. The treatment increases metabolism of stored energy, and reduces the chambers that store fat too.

Treatments for a Fresher look:

If you have a wish to take caution about getting the best treatments, then make sure you visit the Sono Bello center. In case you do not find their center near your home, just call them up or contact their representatives online.

Losing weight and getting the younger look is something that many dream of, and now it is possible too!

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