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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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Some Information on Class 11 Chemistry Preparation

Class 11 is an important phase in a student’s life, as it determines the future of a student to a great extent. The students, who have enrolled themselves in the Science stream, have to study Chemistry compulsorily. Chemistry is a subject that is associated with lots of equation and it is a combination of conceptual understanding and memorizing. The students have to memorize various chemical structures, their names, properties, and associated information. So, students should start their Chemistry preparation as early as possible, unless it will become difficult to cover the entire syllabus.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry is associated with the solutions of the chapter ‘Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry’. This chapter is mostly rich in numerical problems. So, students should properly clear their basic concepts at first and then should move forward towards the numerical problems. This chapter should be covered with a solid preparation unless it will be difficult for the students in order to answer questions from the chapter in the exam.

Chemistry Preparation Tips

The preparation strategy should be made before starting the preparation. Students can choose any hour for studying Chemistry, but as it is involved with lots of memorizing, they can choose the morning hours for Chemistry study. If they get stuck on any concept, then they should take help from the respective teachers. At the very beginning, the students should analyze the prescribed syllabus and then they can start making their preparation strategy. Basically, Chemistry preparation is started with Physical Chemistry. The cbse class 11 Chemistry chapter 2 is associated with the chapter named ‘structure of Atom’. This chapter is associated with lots of numerical problems, so the students should cover the concept (associated with this chapter) properly. The chapter is not a very easy one, as it requires proper understanding of each and every concept. There are various small concepts that also should be covered.

Physical Chemistry is associated with a vast numerical part and so the students have to solve the numerical questions after completing one chapter. A notebook can be helpful for taking down the short notes, drawing structures and so on. Inorganic Chemistry is mostly based on theoretical part and so they have to memorize the concepts effectively. The vast and complicated part of Chemistry is Organic Chemistry part. Many students find this part a difficult one, as it is involved with various structures of different chemicals. This part requires lots of practice unless it will become difficult for the students to answer questions from Organic Chemistry part. After completing the syllabus, lots of previous years’ questions can be solved in order to brush-up the concept. Along with this, appearing for the mock-tests will also be a great help. If the preparation is strong enough, then scoring a good mark is only a matter of time.

At first, the students should properly cover the theoretical part and then they should proceed towards the question-solving. Chemistry requires concept understanding as well as memorizing. So, the students have to take a significant portion of their timetable for Chemistry preparation. With the solid and dedicated preparation, they can easily get a good score in this subject.

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