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Thursday , January 18 2018

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Some Important Facts That Help You Know More About Chicago Cubs

The Chicago cub is one of the best and the most well-known baseball franchisees in Chicago. They have been around for a very long time and so they have aided a canvass where there a number of exciting things written.

If you are interested to know more about this reputed Chicago league team then you can go through the discussion given below:

  • This team consists of very talented baseball players and is one of the major teams representing Chicago.
  • Chicago Cubs successfully won the 1907 and the 1908 World Series Championship trophy and they were the team to be a part of the three back to back World Series championships. They were also the first team to win this championship twice.
  • But this team has been unable to win the World Series championship for the last 107 years and the National League for the last 70 years. This has been a major challenging time for this baseball franchisee and even the people who are not supporting this team cannot wait to see them rise to fame again.
  • This club is also referred to “the North Siders” and this name has been adapted from a location of the Wrigley field.
  • The official mascot of this franchisee is a young bear cub who is known by the name of Clark. Before adapting the official mascot the club had an unofficial mascot which was a fan named Ronnie “Woo-woo” Wickers. The cheers of this unofficial mascot were always referred to by a “Woo”.
  • There is a popular term “White flag term at Wrigley” which is a term used by the die hard fans of this franchisee and refers to the fact that the clubs have won the ball game. This term was coined by a former broadcaster who was known by the name of Chip Carey.

In one of the World Series the Chicago Cubs were going to face the Detroit Tigers and the fans of this team were filling quite optimistic about winning the title. One of the fans of this team by the name of Billy Sianis was denied entry to the field because he wanted to enter the field with his goat. This made him very angry and he cursed the Chicago Cubs Franchisee that they would never win again. But whether for his curse or for any other reason the cubs actually did not win the match after that.

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