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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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Shopping to Define Your Look – Visit These Edgy LA Boutiques

One of the oddest things about defining our own look is that we tend to shop at stores where everything is ‘off the shelf’ generic and no matter which department store you frequent, one designer outfit looks just like the next. Perhaps you might find a few variances in color or pattern, but the cut is typically the same and each store carries only the most generic of designers to suit the ‘majority’ of tastes. This year, if you are seeking to define your own personal look, you might like to take a trip to sunny Southern Cali and visit these Edgy LA boutiques.

Nasty Gal – 8115 Melrose

Although the name hints at a lingerie shop, Nasty Gal is anything but. The store itself has an eclectic blend of fashions that are not your run-of-the-mill offerings and you can find everything from tops to coordinates to dresses to lingerie and even accessories and swimwear. Located on trendy (but pricey!) Melrose, you can be sure that you will find nothing usual and boring here.

Creatures of Comfort – 7971 Melrose

Here is an edgy boutique that you can shop literally from coast to coast. With a location in the heart of New York and one on Melrose in LA, you can easily visit a showroom that’s closest to you or you can shop online. Founder Jade Lai opened the doors in 2005 and since that time this has been the place where you will finally spot hard-to-find edgy designers and in a location where California residents just might be able to take a short trip to a local club to stock up on designer bud all in the same trip. Look at what’s trending at Creatures of Comfort online, visit to find a dispensary nearby and then you’re ready for a hot night on the town. Who says a shopping trip to LA has to be limited to fashions?

Assembly Los Angeles – 7977 Melrose

Born and raised in LA, this hot designer and CEO knows how to put together the perfect West Coast indie look. Offering both men and women’s fashions along with an assortment of fine jewelry, you can complete your look at Assembly without stepping a foot out the door. Not only will you find the edgy in-house brand but you will absolutely adore the international and indie designer fashions hand-selected to meet with the flavor of everything Assembly and everything SoCal.

Des Kohan – 671 S Cloverdale Ave

This is one interesting designer shop that you really must visit, even if you can’t make all the listings here. Arriving in LA from Iran as a three year old, Desiree the artist behind the line has an interesting slant on fashion sense. She says you either have it or you don’t and so she didn’t major in the field at UCLA but rather focused on psychology. What an interesting mix that perhaps is responsible for her edgy designs. If you can get inside the human brain, it’s just possible to create fashions that are an outward sign of what goes on within. It’s an interesting thought, to say the least!

Maxfield – 8825 Melrose

Finally, it comes down to Maxfield that is, by the way, the only place where you’ll find an Apple Watch shop-in-shop so be prepared to fend off a bit of traffic! Those who shop Maxfield come prepared to spend and that’s why you will want to browse the floor while browsing the designs because you’re likely to see Hollywood’s elite on any given day.

If you are sincere about defining your look, don’t waste your time at malls and department stores. Designers for those stores have been contracted to design a line of clothing to be mass produced and so nothing is as unique or edgy as you’d like. Shop these very indie and very edgy LA boutiques and you’ll come out feeling like a whole new you.

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