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Sunday , February 25 2018


Seasons in Malibu is one of the finest drug rehab centers in the world which not only aims at treating addiction and substance abuse issues but also the co-occurring disorders the client is suffering from. The treatment is designed in a specific manner which accommodates a client’s various needs and uses the underlying causes to devise a treatment plan which is bound to make a difference in the client’s life. The treatments may vary from client to client as they cater to their specific requirements but the end goal of every treatment is a transformed life. With world class psychotherapists, MDs and holistic practitioners, the institution makes sure that the client has a full recovery with post recovery precautions in the hindsight.

Seasons in Malibu specializes not only in helping clients with addiction and substance abuse issues, they also provide medical help for co-occurring disorders which are sometimes complementary with the former.  This institution believes that an emotional connect between the staff and the clients can help the latter unravel the feelings he/she feels, have an insight into the issues they face and learn how to accept them and work on them. It will not only help them recover but also make them confident and proud of the fact that they can tackle their own issues successfully. Ergo, they not only treat them but prepare them for the real world that waits for a healthier and happier version of them.

The client learns that being compassionate helps him/her understand others better and not feel as if they are the only one. It will be a safe environment full of compassion, empathy and positivity which may have been missing in their lives before. With unconditional positive regard, they feel loved and acknowledged and they reciprocate the same towards their mates and staff. This kind of transition helps them look at life as a whole with a positive perspective which was not the case with their former selves. With tried and tested tools and treatments, the institution makes sure of the fact that the client transforms for their good, both mentally and physically. Their concern does not end within the doors of the institution but reaches out to the clients in the form of familial support, alumni meetings and regular checkups.

Well being is the foremost cause for the institution and treating co-occurring disorders with professional help reduces the risk of a relapse or any other underlying predisposition. The client enters the institution broken with the abuse of drugs and alcohol and they come out as a healed and happier person who ready to take on challenges without feeling the needs to fall back on the things that once caused them harm. The healing is not only of the individual but of his/her family and friends too as they watch with big smiles on their face how the client has fought against  drugs to become a healthier and happier person.

Seasons in Malibu aims at recovery which lasts a lifetime as they believe that everyone deserves a content, healthy and happy life.

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