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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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Rise of Video Production Companies in Boston

A company that doesn’t have video production capability or social media on their website is considered a dinosaur. Most businesses use video as a marketing tool. The video helps the consumer and the business owner create a feeling of the business knowing what the consumer needs and wants to have.  The video shows the consumer what he wants to have.  It also shows other options to the consumer about what is to come and how much it might cost.  It also helps the company bring in new talent to hire in their company and help in legal law suits as well. Thus the use of video has increased.  Here is why video production in Boston and in other places has increased:

  1. Digital Media

Videos were big a couple of years ago. Film videos production in Boston and other places cost a lot of money and used a lot of heavy equipment. It also used big equipment and large groups of people to help create the film. To create animation the video was also used.  Nowadays smaller hand held devices can do the same thing as the bigger productions and create high definition video.  Since videos are now digital they are easier to store on a computer or USB drive and thus people can take their videos with them anywhere.

  1. Internet

Internet connects many people.  A lot of people buy a product after seeing it online in a video production.  The videos make the viewers buyers.  The viewers thought I want it, I want to buy it and I love it once I buy it. Then those very same buyers would by word of mouth tell their friends and their friends would buy it.  Sales would rocket because of an animated video selling a condom, or a bubble gum or a video of a movie and all because of a little trailer in the video or the video itself.  The internet was a medium that made even television advertising somewhat outdated. Television had to improve their ways of advertising to compete with the video.   Hence the war of the videos became common practice both on and off the internet.  On the internet you had the invention of YouTube which is an all video channel that shows nothing but video all day. Think about MTV and the BOX.  Television shows and movies that were in the theatre.  A lot of how to videos and do it yourself videos popped up.  Shows that were filmed by people on their tiny hand held devices were uploaded and placed on their channel. Businesses now had a whole new gleeful way of getting out their message to you.  Thus video production in Boston also had the same growth and tour.

Animation on the internet was also a good in the beginning but it became better with the video being sold as shorts.  Big businesses started using animated characters such as Bart Simpson and others to sell products.

  1. Costs

As electronics become more sophisticated sizes were shrinking and old technology was cheaper.  Newer technology had faster, more sophisticated and smaller designs. The use of the hand held cellular phone to shoot videos in high definition. The computer which used to be a large desktop only was now available as a netbook also with the capability of watching video but not necessarily shooting it.  You could watch the video you shot prior to going to the studio and with the right program you could also edit it.  Videos followed suit. The equipment used to make the video also changed in size but the old equipment still got used.  This made the cost of video change along with it.  Videos could disseminate work faster and it also allowed video producers and customers the ability to see and change what was in the video prior to final edit.

This led to easier sharing of costs with the men and the woman in the company.  Also the client will also send you ideas to put in the video. Money could be wire transferred and readily available online.

Videos have helped change the way we received information.  They have helped change the way we view the world and purchase our products via the internet store.  They have revolutionized the way we see our businesses both personal and professional.  To that end it has helped businesses create an environment that reciprocates growth and interest in the consumer that shows in interest in their product and will buy because of the video production that was shot in Boston or elsewhere they see.  Thus the business professional who shoots a good video while saving money has won all the way around.

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