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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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Reasons why Hitler hated Jews

Adolf Hitler is one of the most prominent names in the history of the world. Born on 20 April 1889, Hitler was a German Politician who served as the Chancellor of Germany, leader of the Nazi Party, and Führer (Leader) of Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler has always been a topic of major discussion among the historians all around the world. Hitler died on 30 April 1945. Everywhere around the world people keep on searching facts about Hitler, his ideologies, his love life, his actions, and his death. But most important of them all is the Holocaust- the merciless killing of 6 million Jews in the continent of Europe during the Second World War by Hitler’s Nazi Germany. But why did Hitler do that? What were the reasons why Hitler hated Jews so much? Why did Hitler want to evanesce the entire race of Jews from the planet? It is indeed one of the biggest questions in the history so far.

There are many vague and illogical speculations about this hatred. For example, some people say that Hitler always dreamt of being killed by a Jew, while some said that he liked a Jewish girl he could never get. Obviously, all such reasons were false. Well, most of the possible reasons and answers to these questions are given by Adolf Hitler himself in his autobiographical book ‘Mein Kampf’.

Here are some of the reasons mentioned in Hitler’s book ‘Mein Kampf’ that indicate why Hitler hated Jews. Have a look!

-As written in his book, according to Hitler Jews are big liars, and smear for their own benefits. Hitler believed that the capability of Jews at telling lies and taking advantage of people who believe in them is unprecedented. Hitler even believed that even the religion of Jews is based on ensuing lies.

-There is no denial in the fact that Hitler was a huge admirer and devotee of modern art. Despite of being an aficionado of art, Hitler did not approve of Jewish art. Hitler even feared the impact of the art of Jews on the Germanic people. According to Hitler, Jews did not create art; rather they used to imitate art with the help of retouching and making use of several tricks.

-Hitler believed that Jews created Communism. Adolf Hitler used to hate the idea of Soviet Bolshevism which was a big issue in that era. Hitler thought that Jews could try to conquer the world with their own weapons of lying, decay, slander, and poison. Hence, the hatred.

Well, these are just the few reasons that were stated in Hitler’s autobiographical book himself. But that is not it. There are a lot of more things that could have built the feeling of hatred towards Jews in Hitler. Actually, Hitler did not really hate Jews or their religion, i.e. Judaism. Rather, Hitler was against Zionism. The concept of Zionism can be explained as the belief of building a Jewish country and later on working for its development. Well, whatever Hitler did was definitely very brutal and cruel. But history is history!

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