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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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Reasons to Sponsor a Child in Need

There are more than a few reasons the choice to sponsor a child in need is crucial. Whether you chose to do so out of moral obligation or as part of a social function, you make a real difference. The boys and girls sponsored through these programs receive essential medical care, clothing, food, and more.

Often, people get busy and distracted by their daily lives and give too little thought about those with fewer options. The infomercials displayed on the television often turn more people away than they bring in to help. You know better. You have the time and the means to sponsor a child and give him or her the help he or she desperately needs. If you are still hesitant, think for a moment about the many reasons sponsorships exist.

Real Change

Many choose not to donate to charities due to fear that their money will not reach the people in need. When you sponsor children, you make a real difference to the lives of the child and his or her community. For pennies a day, you give them access to life-saving food and clean water. Many of these children struggle to find enough for a single meal each day, but your contributions give them everything they need to grow strong and healthy.

Helps More Than the Child

When you sponsor a child, you also help his or her community. With monthly donations such as yours, these sponsorships pay to dig wells for clean water. This water is enjoyed by the entire community. Over 600,000 people die of dysentery each year due to bacteria found in dirty water. Almost all of these cases are in countries and communities where clean water is a commodity difficult to find. In most cases, these deaths were among children under the age of five. With this knowledge, you know that you literally save lives with the money you send each month.


Imagine that in fifteen years a previously unknown scientist finds the cure for the common cold, cancer, or AIDS. His or her discovery would change the world for the better, and he or she might never have done it without your help. That scientist started as a poor and malnourished child in a developing country, and your contributions helped him or her access food, water, and education. It was through your direct help and his or her education that he or she found a love of science and medicine.

Each life you save also ensures the creation of future generations. When you save a life through a sponsorship program, you allow his or her descendants to move forward and face a better, easier future. You, and people similar to you, make a real and tangible difference in the lives of people all over the world.

If you are somehow still hesitant, look at how much you spend on luxuries each month. For the price of a few cups of coffee, you could put a plate of hot food in a child’s hand. For what you spend on cigarettes in a week, you can have a well built and give him or her access to clean water. After all is said and done, your contribution is small, but the return is enormous. The money spent each month is nothing compared to the number of souls saved.

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