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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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Quality service in Middle East

If you want your boat to be delivered in time and to a very far destination then Cigisped yacht transportation company in Dubai is just what you are looking for. We can easily transport our yacht, motor boat, and any kind of floating vessel in no time. In order for you to offer our services that you require all you need to do is to fill out the form that is presented on our website. This way you will have your boat delivered exactly to the destination place in time.

There are so many countries where we can deliver your boat, we do not transport yachts just within Dubai, but to be honest we can ship floating vessels all over the globe, to any exotic destination that you specify.

We can transport a yacht to any European country, including Asia and even Mediterranean countries. You have to remember that the price of shipping transportation totally varies according your final destination and the overall size of the ship or motor-boat of yours.

How can I be sure that my yacht will be safe within your vessel during the transportation process?
We can totally assure you that you have nothing to worry about. We offer your clients insurance for the whole transportation, so you can be sure that your floating transport is in good hands. In case you will notice a tiny scratch on your yacht or boat you will get a financial compensation this instance. But during more than 10 years of our business on the market it has never happen. All our clients usually enjoy cooperating with us and we can provide you with the reasons why:

  • We are a legitimate and certified company that has been transporting about hundreds of yachts through many years.
  • Our professional team is ready to provide you with online support, for that matter you are more than welcomed to call us or drop us a line about the topic or a question that you are concerned with. We will be glad to answer any question and assist you in any possible way.
  • It is possible for us to transport your yacht to even a very far country and place; we realize that some of our clients are yacht-showers they participate in various competitions annually. So for that matter we are willing to aid them with yacht transporting regularly.
  • If you have more than one boat, then you have to specify the quality of boats that you are willing to transport, afterwards we will call you back in order to discover more detail.
  • We want you to be satisfied and pleased with the whole transportation process so we are trying to cope with legal issues and delivery very carefully.

In order for your boat to be transported you have to provide us with certain legal documents, especially the one that proves that you are the owner of this particular yacht or boat. For every floating vessel the document package differ and that is why as soon as you fill out the form we will be able to tell you precisely what kind of documents you require.

By the way we want to remind you that it is essential to prepare your yacht for being transported. Some of our clients do not realize actually how curtail the preparation process is.
If you desire to ship your yacht to the place where you are going to take vacation soon then shipping your yacht is a great way to make sure that it stays secure. By the way your crew will have some time off before a future journey.

We are proud to offer every customer incredibly easy and pliant delivery of yachts. In case you already have decided on shipping time then here is some advice for you that will make the whole process much easier.

First of all you have to secure every part of our boat. As the owner you can foresee with part of the boat can cause damage while being transport so make sure it’s safely arranged. Our clients usually use a tape in order to make hatches secure and do not forget to close tightly every window. It will be better to tape doors in the cabin and do not worry about anything else. We offer you a long-term insurance that will protect your yacht in case any problems will occur.Trust us with your precious yacht and we can assure you will not be disappointed.

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