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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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Precision machining – A Knowhow

Precision machining can make complex and very difficult angles with the help of set up by depending on state of the art 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis work cells. Repeatable accuracy is obtained by this method with minimal handling. There are no set acceptance ranges that defines high precision work piece. Since precision machining is a hard to pin down.

At present precision machining are mainly used in chemical and petroleum refining, maintenance of nuclear plant, and few of the medical component manufacturing industries. Precision machining can range up to 5 micron tolerance, for huge set of parts and maintains up to 2 micron tolerances.

High precision machining manufactures products like- pneumatic tools, one way clutches, torque limiters, injection molding, CNC machining, and precision assembly. The tools are individually described as-

Pneumatic tool

  • Pneumatic tool is known with many names such as air tool, air powered tool or pneumatic powered tool which is a form of power tool and driven by compressed air.
  • These tools are driven by compressed small cylinders filled with carbon- di- oxide.
  • Cheap pneumatic tools are made using general grade tools which are known as disposable tools in tooling industries. But, industrial grade pneumatic tools are very expensive and have long life.
  • More- over, pneumatic tools are cheaper than electric powered tools.
  • Pneumatic tools are increasing their popularity in industrial and manufacturing settings.
  • There are different types of pneumatic tools like- airbrush, blow gun, pneumatic drill, paint sprayer, low vibration air file, shock reduced air hammer and so on.

One way clutches

  • One way clutches are made up of non revolving asymmetric figure, number eight shaped sprags are used.
  • These sprags are loaded with springs so that they interlock easily.
  • Sprag clutch is used in automatic transmissions to smoothly change gears in vehicles.
  • Newer sprag versions are required with one clutch automatic transmissions.
  • A sprag clutch is also used in many helicopter designs to transfer power from engine to the main rotor.
  • On mechanical transferring drives, a sprag clutch is used for indexing.

Torque limiter

  • A torque limiter prevents damage caused by mechanical overload and limit torque by completely dropping the load.
  • Torque limiting device is also known as overload clutch.
  • Torque limiting types will limit the torque by slipping and excess power is degenerated as heat.

Injection molding

  • Injection molding is a manufacturing process for producing parts by injecting material into a mold.
  • Injection molding can be performed with materials like metals, glasses, elastomers, and thermo plastic and thermo setting polymers.
  • Molding material for the part is infused in to a heated barrel, mixed and dropped in to mold space using force and later it cools and retains the mold shape.
  • Parts which are to be injection molded have to be designed very carefully to facilitate the process of molding.
  • The material of the mold and properties of molding machine also to be considered.
  • The flexibility of injection molding is made possible by breadth of design possibilities and its considerations.

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