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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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Popular Things to Do For Free in Coffs Harbour

Whether you have decided to travel on a budget with motorhome rentals Australia or you simply like saving money while traveling, there are many fun things to do in Coffs Harbour that won’t cost you your hard-earned money.

Coffs Harbour is a gorgeous area with ocean and national parks and is a favorite destination for those traveling between Sydney and Brisbane. While most people traveling to Australia tend to pick the more well-known cities or visit the Australian bush, Coffs Harbour is just one of the many little-known but beautiful places that you don’t want to miss.

As you plan your road trip in Australia, you will discover that smaller cities often cost less and offer more. If you plan on taking some time to visit Coffs Harbour, consider enjoying the following activities for free:

  • Relax at the beach. With so much coastline, it would be impossible not to want to enjoy some days at the beach while visiting Coffs Harbour. It’s free and best of all, it’s fun and with so many beautiful beaches to choose from in the area, you don’t have to get bored when “beaching” in this area of Australia. From Diggers Beach to Emerald Beach, there are beautiful places for summer fun in Coffs Harbour. This is a definite must for anyone who visits, especially in the summer.
  • Go jetty jumping. Everyone does it and so should you. It won’t cost you anything to get an adrenaline rush in Coffs Harbour. While some people like to spend money on skydiving in the area, for those who want to save money and still jump into the air, there is always the possibility of jetty jumping. It’s a great way to get your heart pumping without the drama of paying an arm and a leg for extreme sports. After jumping, enjoy a heart pumping swim back to shore and then, do it all over again. Believe us, no one gets tired of jetty jumping in Coffs Harbour.
  • Visit local markets. While you will need money to buy anything, you may still want to see what’s available at local markets in Coffs Harbour. From the Twilight Food Market to Coffs Car Market, there are several different outdoor markets that open on the weekends. From food to goods and souvenirs, you’ll have a fun time browsing the stalls.
  • Go on a (long) walk on the Solitary Island Coastal Walk. If you’re a big fan of the ocean and want to have the opportunity to see whales in their natural habitat without having to spend money on an expensive tour, then you should head on over to the Solitary Island Coastal Walk. Not only is it beautiful, but it also provides you with plenty to see and do while there. Whether you get to enjoy some whale watching or even bird watching or choose to dive into the water, a visit to Solitary Island Coastal Walk is one of the best free things that you can experience in Coffs Harbour. A lot of people who hire motorhome rentals Australia enjoy making this park a must-visit stop on their road trip.
  • Visit the North Coast Regional Botanic Gardens. Another way to spend time in nature is to explore the gorgeous North Coast Regional Botanic Gardens. For plant lovers, the ability to observe exotic, local plants will be a fulfilling experience. It also home to endangered species and has beautifully designed gardens. A favorite is the Japanese Garden.
  • Relax at Coffs Harbour Marina. If you want to enjoy an afternoon of relaxing with your family while enjoying the sights and sounds, take a walk at Coffs Harbour Marina. You will be blessed with gorgeous views of the ocean and city. Whether you bring a picnic or get some snacks nearby, it’s an excellent way to simply enjoy your family’s company without having to worry about spending big bucks. Visit as sunset for a beautiful view of the ocean and town.

You may have never heard of Coffs Harbour or maybe you’ve been here several times. Either way, you can be sure that it’s a gorgeous city that won’t disappoint. Whether you are road tripping with the family or visiting with friends, there are big, beautiful beaches to visit, excellent food to try, and a lot of fun to be had. The locals are just as friendly as you expect Australians to be and you will find yourself feeling at home.

While the above-mentioned activities and places are free to do or see, there are plenty of other great things to do that won’t cost you much. If you’re traveling on a budget in motorhome rentals Australia, Coffs Harbour isn’t an expensive place to visit. It’s full of nature and friendly people and you can be sure that you will enjoy your time spent in the area.

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