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Sunday , February 25 2018
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Pinterest for business purposes

Social media marketing is a cost efficient means for businesses to promote services to large audiences quickly. Though most social media platforms are targeted toward consumer use, some also have options for businesses to create profiles to reach a large consumer population. Pinterest is one of these platforms. Pinterest is, essentially, a pin board for users to bookmark or “pin” articles and websites they like to personal public PinBoards.

Pinterest is a very visual platform, in that users scroll through pictures that are links to outside websites containing more content. When a user sees a picture he or she likes that links to an article or site he or she likes, even if the picture is just a picture, he or she can pin it to his or her PinBoard of choice. If a user enjoys looking at tattoos, for instance, he or she can make a PinBoard for the interest and keep all relevant pins on that board.

Why is this relevant for businesses? Businesses can pin their own pages and pictures to the site so others can see them and can pin other relevant websites and pictures to boards that reflect the businesses’ products, values and interests. Make sure what you choose to pin links to the appropriate site. If the link is broken or irrelevant to what the pin depicts, do not pin it. Consider watermarking original content pinned so that if it is pinned again by others inaccurately, it does not lose the element of you, the source. Add prices to any original products you pin.


Follow a plethora of users and boards that are relevant to the interests of your business. Be sure to interact with these users regularly so they know who you are and what kind of content you promote. If someone re-pins something of yours, thank them for it. Comment on other users’ content. Do not pin too much, yourself, because this will flood your page. Content on Pinterest does not get buried like content on Facebook. Add as much description as you can to your original pins, with links to your website or blog. Pin during peak times of usage, like nights and weekends so you can maximize the amount of interaction you have with other users.

Use a variety of strong visual images on your website or blog so that they will transfer over well to Pinterest. Pin videos, infographics, tutorials, tips and how-to guides so that your profile becomes a center of information for other users. Showcase other users so you are not using the platform to solely self-promote, which is often seen as anti-social. Utilize competitions and interactive pins to further connect with other users. Learn from other brands who have found success in using Pinterest as a social media marketing tool, as well. If they have found success in a specific technique, give it a try for your business.

Utilize search engine optimization methods on Pinterest to generate the maximum amount of views and shares of your pins, social media marketing agency can assist and make suggestions for you. Once you have done all of these things, gauge the reactions you have received from the platform. Analyze which specific methods and pins have been successful for you, build on them, discard or redesign unsuccessful methods and keep pinning.

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