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Sunday , February 25 2018
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mobile film festival

Participate in the mobile film festival

FThe movies are always having an important influence in the people’s life and all the people around the world will have a craze on the movies. In the past days, the movies were created in the simple manner but nowadays excellent movies are being created and it includes many exciting factors like animation, graphics, etc. So the interest and passion towards the movies have been increased among the people. There are many people want to enter into the media field. Many people started to create their own movies in the way of short films. They invest some money and implement their different ideas to make such films.

To encourage such people there are many organisations and online sources promote their short films. There are many festivals also being organised to support and cheer the talented people. For example, if you are making a short film, you can promote it on your own. You can utilize the online sources which are releasing and promoting the short films in huge level. You can take your short films to the different film festival happening in different places of the world. If you have the worth content in your film, if it reaches the people then you can win prizes and rewards in such festivals.

New mobile film festival

Similarly a mobile film festival has been announced in the beginning of the November month. Anyone can participate in the film festival and they screen the films in the website which is created for this. The event organisers have announced the topic and the contestants have to make their films on the topic. The topic given for the competition is climate change. Participants have to submit their short film on the theme of climatic conditions and its changes. The films are being received by the event managers and they are releasing the movie on the particular website.

Rules of the festival

The participants can publish their films in the website and it will be allowed to watch by the other contestants and people. Based on the number of views, prizes will be given. For example, if you publish a film in the website and it got more number of views, then you can get the prize. Similarly, the rewards will be given to the participants daily depends upon the views. An iPhone will be given to the film which is mostly viewed by the people in the particular week. In the same way, the reward iPhone will be given to the contestants at all the four weekends.

In the month end, an iPad will be given to the film which is mostly viewed in the month. Daily winners will get the gift voucher of Amazon. There are some rules for the participants. They should be in the age of 18 and they should shoot the film in mobile only. The time limit for the films is 1 minute maximum. Participants should watch other contestant’s film and they should invite their friends too. Participants will be allowed to post their movie only once in the festival.

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