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Monday , June 26 2017

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How Net Promoter Score Measures Employee Loyalty and Engagement

Ever heard about Net Promoter or Net Promoter Score (NPS)? NPS is a metrics tool that typically gauges the loyalty of an organisation’s customer relationships. While NPS has been highly adopted by many major companies as a means to ascertain customer behaviour, recruitment agencies are also privy to using this …

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Can I use insect killers during my pregnancy?

Most insect killers are safe to use even during pregnancy and lactation. The alternative is to get let pests get the run of your home and endanger you. As an expectant mother, you are doubly careful of what you eat, the medicines you take and even the clothes you wear, …

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Take the mickey out of fabric stains

Show your stained clothing who’s the boss – give it an hour with a stain remover and plain water! While many things in our life may spiral out of our control, there are some things we can be in firm control of. Chief among these is our appearance, and how …

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The Sync Between Prophet and Prayer

In the great activity of social restructuring prophets have played important role all through different ages. By the version of Holy Bible, they are considered as the voice or spokesman of God. Typically, they teach, chastise, mediate, encourage and counsel his followers and common people. The ministry of prophetic personality …

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Ways How Modular Kitchen would Make you a Better Cook

There are many women for whom cooking is considered as their favourite hobby. But sometimes, because of tidy and messed up kitchen, women usually get bored of their favourite hobby and don’t try cooking lots of dishes that they want to. Working in traditional kitchens might be uncomfortable for many …

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