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Sunday , February 25 2018
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LAW Scholarships

Law education sector receives a boost with grants and scholarships

No matter what education you want to get, you’re surely not going to get it any cheap. Getting a degree from a law school is not going to be an easy one, not in financial terms at the very least. A weak economy has given birth to rising cases of unemployment. This is making it difficult for families to pay for the education of their wards. Paying towards the debt relief programs is causing a fund crunch, thus making it difficult for the families to bear any extra costs.

The absence of financial support from the families is forcing the students to go for high interest education loans. Paying off such high interest loans is not an easy thing to do later in life. Well, all is not that gloomy for those looking for educational loans. There are several grants that can help students start their careers in law without carrying a huge burden of debt. In fact, some grants can take care of all the tuition costs, thus leaving the students with absolutely nothing to worry about.

Law education grants – The types

The grants available are mostly based on factors such as demographics and needs. For example, the Serbian Bar Association of America is popularly known to award scholarships to law students of Serbian origin only. Being married to a Serbian will also qualify you for such scholarships. A total number of 4 scholarships are awarded each year. They include a couple of $2,000 scholarships and one scholarship each in the $1000 and $500 category.

Further, the Alexander Graham Bell Association offers the George H. Nofer Scholarship for Law and Public Policy. This scholarship is awarded to students with hearing disabilities.

Law education grants – The functions

The functions vary greatly with the scholarships. There are scholarships that are specifically designed to attend to the needs of financially weak students. There are others that focus on rewarding students for their merit and exceptional performances.

The Golden Gate University offers scholarships that are totally based on the needs and merits of students. The merit scholarships from the Golden Gate University are fully based on the LSAT scores and the grades in the undergraduate level. Another scholarship from the Golden Gate University, know by the name of Frederick W. Bradley Endowed Scholarship, is meant to help students in dire need of funds.

There are scholarships that consider both needs and merits of the students. Golden Gate University’s Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship is one of them. This scholarship is meant for students who feature among the top 15 percent in their respective classes.

Law education grants – The sources

There are plenty of sources of law school student scholarships. The bar associations feature among the most common sources. For example, the Federal Circuit Bar Association is responsible for a respectable number of annual scholarships. This association is known to award six scholarships annually. They include a couple of $5,000 scholarships and 4 in the $10,000 category. The needs and demographics are considered while giving out these scholarships. It is important for the students to have plentiful interest in the functioning of the US Court of Appeals to avail these scholarships.

Time Frame for the law education grants

There are specific time frames that these scholarships are usually based on. It is important that you apply for one before beginning your term at the law school. It is always advisable to prepare for scholarships early. There are universities that prefer having letters of recommendations from professors while you’re in the undergraduate level. The earlier you start the better.

Always remember that there are scholarships and grants available to help you out. Never stop looking after you have got one for the first year in law school. Go ahead and reapply for grants. Make sure you are complying with the guidelines in order to make sure you keep on receiving them.

The Abraham Lincoln Marovitz Public Interest Scholarship awarded by the Chicago Bar Foundation is not just for the first year in law school. You can keep on getting them as long as you pass on the eligibility standards. The value of the scholarship in the first year is $10,000. It increases to $15,000 for the subsequent years. Make sure you keep good grades, participate actively in the university programs and continue making achievements to make yourself eligible for the grants and scholarships.

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