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Tuesday , January 16 2018

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Know Your Responsibilities With Movers and Packers in Delhi NCR

Being an accountable client, you earn very important rights and responsibilities towards your service provider, which will help you to achieve a successful relocation.

Relocation Rights That You Should Know

  • Rights:
  1. Every moving company must provide the customer a detailed written quotation. This includes all the services and hidden charges. It is seen many times that some fraud companies charge higher then decided by giving various excuses. It is an unethical act, and a written estimation gives you legal right to drag such fake company to consumer forum for reimburse your money.
  1. If your moving company provides you partially complete document, then you must not sign it. Such document may not have all the facilities written on paper, which you are supposed to receive like any other customer. If you sign such paper with uncomplete details, then you do not remain eligible to receive all facilities, nor you can claim for them later on. Ensure that document contains all the relevant moving information, without any extra charges. You can clearly ask them fill all the details and then only you are accountable to sign it.
  1. You have every right to get written assurance from your service provider for on time deliverance. Any further delay from movers’ side, will make you eligible to claim for losses. Movers and Packers in Delhi NCR helps to relocate your things easily at your workplace.
  1. Be sure that you thoroughly understand the responsibilities of moving company for loss and damage, and you can ask for written explanation between valuation and insurance.
  1. Movers must offer client a dispute settlement as an alternative means of settling damage or loss claims. You can ask for written details in this regard.
  1. You are fully eligible to get insurance cover for services. You can ask your moving company to insured all valuables against any future loss. Such awareness will make you eligible for reimbursement.
  1. You have right topersonally present as a responsible client, when each item is being weighed. In case of unsatisfied, you can also ask to reweighed it.
  1. You should definitely check the identity cards of home arrived movers and drivers, to ensure that they are authentic. It is always safe to take details from moving company in advance about the staff members they are sending. In case of any doubt after their arrival, you have right to check with the company again.
  1. You hold every right to seek estimation from at least 3 service providers. This will give you upper hand to bargain while finalizing the quote. You also hold rights to get updated time to time about your moving consignment.
  1. You also hold right to choose the method of payment as cash, debit card, credit card or any other available options.
  • Responsibilities:
  1. Reading all moving documents provided by your moving company very carefully. This will give you detailed idea about mistakes or errors existing in the documentation. Missing this opportunity will not make you eligible to claim for future loss.
  1. You are supposed to be present at the time of delivery or you may have some of your representative available there, who knows every detail about the move. Your presence is very much essential to checklist into moving house if all luggage as arrived as per inventory list.
  1. You are supposed to promptly notify your mover, if any change regarding the delivery dates.
  1. You should thoroughly check every unpack item, if any damage or loss has occurred while shifting. In case of any, you should immediately make a note and quickly file claims for damage, loss or delay of delivery.
  1. You are responsible to make payment in the amount required as finalized in the form.
  1. You should also check the packing material quality as your all treasures are going to move in them. In case of not satisfied with the quality, you are responsible to ask for better one. Same thing applies for being unsatisfied with moving team. This is your rights and responsibility both for best outcomes.
  1. In case of moving on your own, which is not advisable though, you have to take full responsibility about every small thing like arranging packing material, proper packing, arranging moving vehicle, loading everything, unload and unpack on arrival and every other small thing.

Above mentioned rights and responsibilities may vary according to client’s requirements, but basic things always remain the same in any situation.

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