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Sunday , February 25 2018
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Keeping your home in a perfect shape with these 5 steps

Home maintenance is much easier than it seems. All you have to do is make a nice schedule and sticks to it. Majority of the homeowners make a mistake by addressing issues after they become painfully obvious.

This is a bad approach as it allows slow, continuous damage to parts of your home. There is no reason for you to wait for situation to escalate. Instead, be proactive. Stop the damage during its inceptions and the final maintenance bill will be much lower.

In order to do this, you will have to know where to start. Check these simple tips that will point out all the potential problems which may affect your home.

  1. Roof issues

There are lots of things which can happen to your roof. In fact, you should check your roof at least once per year, just before rain season. Unfortunately, given that this is such a secluded area and you need ladders just to reach it, most homeowners ignore it. When it comes to roof, the most common issue comes in a form of leaks. These leaks can be result of broken shingles or gutters. So, make sure there is no damage to them. Your chimney can also be clogged or damaged. With another quick check, you can make sure it is also working properly.

  1. Isolation and heating

As we are heading into colder days and approaching New Year, days will become colder and colder. Depending on where you live, you are probably already heating your home. In order to keep your house warm, make sure there is no damage or holes on your house. Usually, this damage appears around windows in form of holes that can easily be patched with silicone. Sometimes, holes and cracks may appear someplace else. As a result, it is much harder to warm up your home. You will also have to clean your furnace. Basically, all parts of this heating system should be cleaned. Excess of dust within furnace can prevent it from working properly which will result in less heat and higher bills.

  1. Concrete issues

No matter where you live, your home will have a lot of concrete parts. Similarly to wood, this matter can show signs of damage in form of cracks. During winter, these cracks can only increase in size. Best way to address the issue is by putting asphalt filler within them. This is a quick fix that will prevent any further damage. Also, it will help with heating.

  1. Taking care of your pool

If you still haven’t done this, make sure to winterize your pool. All parts of the pool are susceptible to damage. Winter brings another issue in form of ice. It can form in various parts such as pool pumps or pipes which are otherwise full of water. As a result, this will lead to pump or pipe bursts forcing you to buy new equipment. Flush water from them to prevent freeze damage. Some things such as hoses should be removed while other such as static skimmer should be covered to prevent influx of water. Reduce water level, add chemicals and cover the pool.

  1. Check all the motors

Motor is the most fragile part of almost any machine. That being said, almost every electric machine in your household has a motor of sort. This includes refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, washing machine etc. In most cases, damage to these motors occurs due to dust buildup. Best way you can protect them is by cleaning sensitive parts. This is a regular choir which will prolong life expectancy of all your home appliances.

As you can see, it is rather easy keeping everything in check. All you need is a bit of will and forward thinking. Although it may seem hard, it is much better to react ahead of time thus decreasing all future bills and expenses.

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