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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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Is the Web Design Industry Dying?

The death of the web design industry has been pronounced regularly for more than a decade now. It usually coincides with each new technological advancement. While it’s true that the proliferation of out-of-the-box website builders and DIY .com companies have made it easier for those with no technical training to build their own business websites, don’t write off the need to go pro just yet.

The Case For Custom

If you’re a small, brick-and-mortar or home-based company that does most of its business locally, business, a free template might work well for you in the beginning. You can have your website up and running within a few hours, and it’s easy to maintain. However, if you’re a larger company, you have plans for expansion or you’re engaged in eCommerce, you need more functionality than a generic template can offer, Even though open source availability and innovative design freelancers have flooded the market with more varied layouts and increased scalability, they’re still limited by their design and functionality in their suitability for many types of businesses.


There are many attractive templates and themes available, but there is also a high probability that there are thousands of web businesses on the Internet that are using them. Why be generic? A custom website design will help your business stand out from the competition while helping you incorporate and establish your brand.


You Get What You Pay For

Free or budget-priced ready-made templates may be a good source of ideas that you can take to your web designer, but is something that’s created to be a one-size solution going to give you the functionality you need for your website? Templates are a good starting point if you’re limited by time or budget, but they also limit what you can do with your website. If you exceed the capabilities of your template or you try to add special graphics and custom features, it can shut your website down; that’s never good for business.

Experience Counts

Getting custom web design is a little more expensive, but you’re paying for expertise and experience. Unless you know coding or have a full-time IT department, you’ll endure frustration in the short-term getting your website up and running, and you’ll up paying more in the long run to hire someone to come in and fix it or expand your capabilities. That doesn’t even include the loss in productivity and sales if your website keeps going down due to technical glitches that can be avoided by investing in professional design from the start.

While surveys indicate that users don’t rate web design as an important factor in their level of satisfaction, the fact is that the little customizations that are incorporated when you hire a professional to build your website organically are exactly what adds value to user experience. Ready-made, out-of-the-box websites don’t have the flexibility to fully conform to the needs of your business. What keeps customers coming back again and again is a clean design that provides an efficient, hassle-free experience. A professional website designer can give you what you really need: functional, custom work that uniquely reinforces your brand.

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