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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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Installation of Industrial Humidification Systems Enhances Productivity

Psychological research has recently shown that working conditions have a profound effect on the performance of workers. High humidity inhibits loaded physical work while low temperatures badly severe fine motor movements. In this era of high industrial competition; industrial humidification systems become a necessity especially when heavy machineries and apparatus constantly keep the humidity level variable.

In absence of Industrial humidification systems the working air becomes dry and it is simply called as “dry air”. The workers of such industries are then prone to varies mental and physical hazards. Skin irritations and eye itching are experienced by workers when skin moisture evaporates. Due to low humidity, static electricity builds up and gives mild unpleasant shocks when a metal is touched. Besides general dehydration (as body fluids are getting exhausted during respiration) even severe respiratory problems like asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis and nosebleeds are possible.

Low level of humidity can not only cause harm to people but also has the potential to slowly deteriorate and damage property of industries. If an industry manufactures hydroscopic materials like textile fibers, chemicals, leather, wood or products made from wood like paper, and then a proper industrial humidification system is required. Furthermore dry air hinders the performance of computers, operation machines and other heavy electronic devices due to static electricity. These static charges accumulate in dry conditions on specific materials like hardware films, plastics, paper, desks and computer disks.

Industrial humidification systems can be installed in various forms as they are available in a wide range of varieties from high pressure humidification to compressed air humidification, small room humidifiers to just humidification fans. They can be purchased depending on the size and requirement of industries based mainly on the levels of humidity air present due to industrial load. Usually large scale industries which have heavy machineries releasing large amount of heat and hot hair will prefer high pressure humidification and compressed air humidification systems. Whereas, small scale industries with one or two heavy machines or a couple of small machines will find small room humidifiers and humidification fans affordable and handy respectively. Many Industrial humidification systems come with extra options to make them user friendly and fully efficient. A humidistat provides air humidity information in a digital format which allows exact and precise refinements to be made. Others come with optional air and water filtration operations as well.

Industrial humidification systems can also be installed depending on the availability of a particular resource which operates it, depending on the location of a particular industry. Conditioned steam humidifiers works on the basic element of steam through proper channeling of complicated engineering processes. Where a steam source is not available, electric steam humidifiers are utilized. These humidifiers use electricity and water at atmospheric pressures to produce steam. They utilize the mechanism of passing electricity through electrodes with specific electrolytes to produce the desired output of steam. Gas-fired steam humidifiers uses natural gas or propane to produce the desired effect of humidity.

It is therefore crystal clear that installation of humidification systems is economically feasible and extremely profitable for an industry as it not only preserves property but also ensures good health of workers.

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