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Sunday , November 19 2017

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How to Travel Cheap in College

The sun in getting warmer, the semester is drawing to a close, and the time is upon us where wander-lustful college students look to travel across the here and there, making epic memories before they have to trudge back to school. If you’re one of these adventurers, there’s probably a lot that you are at least interested in doing this summer…if only travel wasn’t so expensive. Well, for the savvy student traveler there are ways to go to exciting places affordably. All you need to do is just be a little flexible, know where to look, and make your plan.

Remain Flexible

Where do you want to go for summer vacation (or whichever vacation)? Whether it’s Cancun, Thailand, or New Jersey (probably not Jersey) your travel costs depend not just on how far you are going, but when you’re traveling and how. If you absolutely have to arrive at your destination on a certain day, at a certain time, in a certain way, and stay in a specific place, well there’s only so much I or the cute little Travelocity gnome can do to help you. But if you’re flexible when it comes to travel times, modes of transport, and accommodations, you can discover a much wider range of prices when it comes to plane, train, or ship tickets, hotels, and package deals.

Take Advantage of Student Discounts

Websites like Student Universe and STA Travel specialize in finding students low rates to awesome destinations, with package deals and a range of discounts on tours and other attractions. A little bit of research will show you that it’s easy to save a lot of money on travel. As you research, you’ll find a lot of appealing destinations that may not have even considered before.

Consider Mode of Transportation

Again, how you travel, and even how you stay in your accommodations, will also make a big difference. Flying is arguably the easiest way to travel, and certainly the fastest, but it’s definitely not the most affordable and not even necessarily the most enjoyable. Instead of taking a solo flight to Berkeley from Boston, if you can find a group of friends to make a road trip out of it, you can save an awful lot of money sharing the costs while having good times along the way. You can even film your own Road Trip style movie and put it up on YouTube! (Just be careful who you get to watch your pet snake while your gone.)

Travel with a Group

Not only is traveling in groups a good way to save money on your vacation, but sharing rooms and hotel accommodations is a great way to reduce the cost of your accommodations. You should plan on doing all these things, as well as scheduling your departure days, accommodations, and return dates according to what makes the most sense economically if you’re looking to save. Also take advantage of student discounts offered at many establishments across the country and around the world (even if you go to UCLA or USC online). Just don’t forget to ask!

There are all sorts of ways that adventurous and resourceful college students can save money on travel. Remember, the more money you save on getting there, the more money you have to have an awesome time. Make an adventure out of finding the most cost effective way to travel and you’ll be amazed how far a student budget can get you!

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