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Thursday , January 18 2018

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How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Jeans

Jeans is one such wardrobe staple in your wardrobe which is worn more than anything else. Without any doubt they are the workhorse of your wardrobe. Hence it is very important to buy the perfect pair of jeans. But most of the men out there end up wearing the wrong pair of jeans thus giving a shoddy appearance. Your jeans should fit you like your second skin as they are worn with almost everything and to almost everywhere be it casual outings or formal settings and can be dressed up and down according to style needs and requirements. So when you shop men’s jeans online you should follow the following tips and get yourself the perfect pair of jeans.

Know the different denim fits available

There are different fits available for different body types. Choose the one that suits your taste and physique

  1. Skinny
  2. Slim
  3. Regular
  4. Relaxed
  5. Loose

Apart from this, pay attention to the rise of the jeans to make sure that it suits you while also adding to your charm

  1. High rise
  2. Low rise, and
  3. Mid rise

Besides, knowing the fit and size you should pay attention to the following tips when buying your favorite jeans

  1. Go for a size smaller than normal

Guys usually have a tendency to wear a size larger than their usual size. The extra fabric results in bulk at the wrong places thus messing with your fashionable look. Hence, when you go jeans shopping next time opt for a size smaller than what you would normally pick and don’t forget to do the finger check (you shouldn’t be able to put more than two fingers in the waistband) to make sure that the jeans isn’t too tight either.

  1. Settle for a clean look

Clean thread patterns and lesser detail will always look elegant and classy whereas too much detail will only draw attention to all the problem areas. Also, check the size and number of pockets.

  1. Find comfort and elasticity

Look for a jean that allows for comfort and elasticity and has the maximum stretch for that relaxed feel. Since jeans are something most of us wear all day long look for brands that offer jeans in blended fabrics, linen or spandex, for that ultimate comfort and movement.

  1. Opt for darker washes when confused

Dark washed denims are worth investing in. They are super cool and can be teamed with everything besides giving you that amazing look and feel. So whether you are hitting a night club or have a casual meeting with friends, dark denims will take you through all the different occasions.

  1. Pay attention to your body type

There happens to be all kind of different fits and sizes for different bodies. Finding the right size and fit is very important for a cool and dashing look. If you have a slimmer physique go for straight fit with low rise for a flattering look. If you are being blessed with an athletic and muscular physique go for slimmer fit with low rise. Although you can also wear high rise jeans but low rise will look more handsome. And if you are on the bulky side go for relaxed fit with mid rise for a fashionable look.

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