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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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How To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck With A Private Jet Management Company

Many business executives who need to travel a lot eventually think about investing in their own private jet. The convenience and the time saving that having their own jet offers makes this an attractive proposition. However, owning a jet brings with it a lot of other issues, so those business people who eventually purchase a jet often turn to aircraft management services to look after all aspects of managing the aircraft.

Aircraft management services will manage aspects like hangar rental and aircraft maintenance and repair. They will also arrange legally required inspections and ensure aircraft certifications are kept up to date. When a jet is required for business use, they will arrange crewing and any other aspects related to the trip.

Since these services cost money, if you want to use one you will need to be sure that your are getting the best possible value. That involves doing some checking into any  aircraft management services you would consider using. The checks might include:

  1. Checking out existing and past customers to find out whether they felt they got value for moneyReputable management services will be willing to put you in contact with previous and current owners for whom they have managed one or more jets. Contact some of these to find out how they rate the service.
  1. Finding out precisely what services are offeredSince you will most likely be considering more than one management company, you need to know exactly what services you will get for your money. Find out if there are any additional fees to be paid other than those to the management company. For example, most airfields will have landing charges. You need to check if these are included in the management service’s fees.
  1. Learning about the contacts services have within the industryIt is best to concentrate on aircraft management services that are well established and that have a good network of contacts within the business. These services can often pass on cost savings because they get better deals from suppliers.

Many business seek to offset the cost of owning and running a private jet by making it available for hire to other businesses and executives. If you plan to rent out your jet, you will need to select a management company that has experience in this area. The management company will also have to be good at finding clients who are looking to hire private jets.

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