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Sunday , February 25 2018
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How to Get Compensation if You’re Cosmetic Surgery Went Wrong

Cosmetic surgery is an option that you have to make yourself look and feel better about your appearance. If everything goes according to plan, the outcome can be remarkable and give you a new confidence about yourself. But if the surgery goes wrong, and doesn’t meet your expectations, you can become depressed and may even need corrective surgery to repair any damage that was done. You may be wondering if you can get compensation and how to go about filing your claim in such a case.

  1. Before you begin the paperwork needed to file a cosmetic surgery claim, you should try to remain calm and attempt to remember all the details of the promises made by your surgeon. As with all other medical procedures, you must have excellent record-keeping so that you can provide your solicitor with the exact charges and fees from your surgeon. It is always a good idea to organise a folder that contains all of the information that you were given about the procedure that you had done, its complications, and the end result.
  2. The professionals at recommend that you have a frank discussion with the surgeon, their supervisors, and the executive team of the facility where the surgery took place to inform them of your displeasure with your cosmetic procedure. Ask them what they plan to do to remedy your problem. Ask them for their solution to the surgery-gone-wrong in writing so that you can present this to your solicitor when you are ready to file your claim.
  3. An accomplished solicitor will let you know the information that they need to file your paperwork. Make sure that it is detailed, accurate, and that you have included all of the fees associated with your surgery and the additional money that you had to spend to find a solution for your surgical problem. Was the result of the cosmetic procedure so devastating that you needed counselling? Ask your team of legal advisors if this type of therapy can also be covered by the compensation claim.
  4. Keep in mind that you will need to submit your claim request in a timely fashion and with accuracy. An experienced solicitor will assist you as you complete the paperwork so that no delays will happen to keep you from getting your compensation quickly. The solicitor that you hire must have experience and a good track record in litigating cases for cosmetic surgery claims. If they have done this type of work before, you will have a stronger claim and a higher probability of success with your request.
  5. Will your solicitor work from a position of no-win fee? This can remove some of the stress that you might feel throughout the process of filing and waiting for your compensation to be awarded to you for the damage that occurred during your surgical procedure.

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