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Sunday , February 25 2018
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How to Develop a Truly Effective Label for Your Premier Product

We all know that the right product label makes a vast difference for any product. By having a good label, you can make sure that your product is sufficiently attractive – attractive enough to get the attention of consumers even whilst it is standing amongst other products on the shop shelves. The good news is that when you are creating a label for your product, there really is no ‘set rule’ to follow – you can basically do it according to whatever suits your fancy and give it a unique shape, colour, size, layout, and more. However, you also need to know that there are clear guidelines which can still ultimately affect how your product will be seen, and these guidelines are outlined below.

Select the proper software

Of course, the very first step to developing your own label is to select the proper software. You have many choices when it comes to this, including the popular ones like Adobe, CorelDraw, Microsoft Publisher, and the like. But in line with this, you have to select the software or application which you are most comfortable with. Each type of software has its own merits, and it’s just up to you to decide which one you can use with ease. One tip, though: when selecting the proper design software, make sure to choose the one which allows you to export or save your work as a PDF file (or an EPS). You can also choose software that allows you to convert the fonts to outlines in your file (such as Adobe Illustrator), as a number of printers may ask for this as well.

Choose the right colours

Needless to say, colours play a big role in the effectiveness of your product label. Colours have a direct impact on your buyers’ moods and feelings, which will ultimately affect their decision to buy your product. For instance, the container’s colour has an effect, and so does the actual colour of your product which is inside the container (particularly true if the container is transparent).

So which colours should you choose? That’s the big question. Well, you should know that some of the most popular – and most proven effective – colours are yellow and red. However, this still depends on your product. For example, if you are trying to sell a headache reliever or pain reliever, you may not want the colour red on your label as this signifies a ‘warning’ in the medical industry. What you can do is find out what colours your competitors are using and keep these colours in mind. Next, do a study or do some research to see which colours your prospective customers may consider for your product so you have a much better idea of what colours to choose.

Full or spot?

There’s more you need to know about the colours you can choose. When it comes to printing, the printing experts such as Atwell Labelers (check out their high quality yet affordable printing services at are quick to point out that you have two choices in colouring: full colouring or spot colouring. If you choose spot colouring, you are basically limited to only a few main colours (ranging from one to three). For example, you can simply choose black ink for the printed part, or you can opt for black or red ink, blue ink and red ink, etc. With full colouring, however, you have the option of using all the four major colours and their combinations, namely Cyan, Black, Magenta, and Yellow. These colours are then combined and blended to form the printed material. Keep in mind that if you want to reproduce a colored picture or image on your label, you should opt for full colouring.

Your label will also be affected by the quality of the labelling machines used by the label printer, so make sure you choose your printing service with this in mind.

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