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Thursday , January 18 2018

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How Does WhatsApp Spy Help?

WhatsApp is the most-loved and globally used online messenger app. In today’s time, every smartphone user has a WhatsApp account. Moreover, WhatsApp facilitates voice and video calls over the internet too. It is obvious that this popular messenger is useful; at the same time, it is misused too. WhatsApp Spy is an innovative program, which when secretly installed on any smartphone, can track the user’s messages, audio/video exchange, phone calls, files attached, phone’s camera usage data, SMS, MMS, and Facebook data. It can also record browsing activities, contacts, calendar data, and geo-location.

Hoverwatch Spy is a discreet and secure tracker that monitors WhatsApp and other related activities on an installed device.

Features of WhatsApp Spy

  • GPS (Location) Tracking: The WhatsApp Spy program helps you to track the user based on thelocation of the device. The energy-efficient and discreet algorithms prevent GPS functions from draining the battery of the device as well. At any given point of time, you can access the device and find out location details.
  • Call Recording: The WhatsApp Spy software also records phone calls, contact information, and calls duration details. These details are sent to the online registered account.
  • SMS, MMS, Facebook Messenger Monitoring:The software tracks all messages sent and received through any online messenger like Facebook, Hike, Viber, and SMS/MMS sent using the device. It even tracks big picture files, audio files, and videos. In addition, all deleted data and files can be tracked and retrieved with the help of this software.
  • Monitor Multiple Devices: Once you sign up and register with the online portal, you can track 5 different Android devices using Hoverwatch Spy. Not only Android smartphones, but it also tracks tablets and other mobile devices.
  • Front Camera Photo: Whenever the Android smartphone is unlocked, the program takes a picture of the user and sends it to the registered account. As a result, you always know who is operating the phone at that hour.
  • Internet/Browsing History:The software logs every minute’s browsing and internet activity and reports it to the registered account. It monitors online activities even if the user applies Incognito mode at any time during browsing.
  • SIM Card Replacement: Whenever the user changes the SIM card, the software sends a report to the online account.

WhatsApp Spy is Useful for Parents

Parents usually give a mobile phone to their children in order to keep in touch with them during the day. However, many parents still hesitate because of the reported misuse of smartphones. Indeed, smartphones can distract your child’s attention and even pose dangerous for their safety – but that is only before Android key loggers came in. Today, using these programs, you can keep a track of your kids no matter where they are.

WhatsApp Spy is now one of the most advanced programs that are easily available online. Download it free and track your child, spouse, or employees discreetly.

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