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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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Get Emotional Support From Your Pets

How many of you know that emotional support animals can provide comfort and treatment? Yes, they do for many psychological and emotional symptoms. ESA doctors can help in avoiding eviction or exclusion – it can range from housing and travel due to the need for your emotional support pet. You can take help from ESA doctors and continue to live with emotional support animals.

The process of qualifying your emotional support pet

ESA can be helpful to many people. They might be suffering from mental illness and physical health issues. Emotional support animal doctor can easily connect you with a psychiatrist, psychologist, or a licensed therapist. They are authorized to write a letter for a comfort animal that can aid in your symptoms.

Certain ESA doctors can simplify the recommendation process through an online questionnaire. This helps to verify that the emotional support animal would be effective in helping people or not.  The disorder varies from one individual to the other. It can be anxiety disorders, depression, stress, insomnia, autism, eating disorders, schizophrenia, and other conditions. Each questionnaire is reviewed by a licensed mental health professional.

Emotional support animals for anxiety

The primary reason for emotional support animal is to manage anxiety attacks or coping with depression. When you face a challenging situation and that affects you badly, turn to the animals to lessen your discomfort.

ESA are generally not considered as service animals. California’s Disability Rights once stated that “An animal is not a service animal if its mere presence benefits the disabled person.”

Emotional support animal and psychiatric service animals

There are many confusions arising from emotional support animal functions and psychiatric service animals. They both deal with mental and emotional disorders. Psychiatric service animals are considered therapy dogs; service animals are mainly for the physically disabled. They are trained to perform specialized tasks for you beyond regular dog obedience training.

According to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) federal Register, “Tasks performed by psychiatric services may include prompting to take medicine, providing service checks, interrupting self-mutilation, and removing disoriented persons from dangerous situations.” Emotional support animals are not expected to perform these kinds of work.

Therapy dogs know to respond and recognize to your predicament, sometimes even before it happens. On the other hand, emotional support animals will only give a sense of calm and safety just being next to them.  They are considered as a sort of safety net that may be comparable to a child’s security blanket.

What emotional support animals do?

An emotional animal or ESA offers emotional comfort to its owner. They provide companionship to those with psychiatric and physical disabilities. Emotional support animals are not required to undergo specialized training. Their owners can benefit from having them around. There have been studies from emotional support animal doctor to support the fact that pets can lower stress level and alleviate depression symptoms.

Remember,the fact that everyone around the world is struggling with something! It’s up to you to judge the person’s need for an emotional support animal.

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