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Thursday , January 18 2018

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Front door accessories

Front door accessories: the top five

The entranceway to your home says a lot about you as a person and the more inviting it is, the more you’ll look forward to returning home each night.

Make A Grand Entry

Even on a small budget, there are numerous ways to spruce up your home’s entranceway. One factor to consider is an architectural eyeliner, which will draw your eyes to the front door – thus creating a focal point. Painting the frame around your existing door a brighter colour is one simple way to do this.

Don’t Forget About Your Doorstep

Many will often concentrate more on the doorway yet less on the surrounding area. Creating a permanent fixture in the shape of a tiled doorstep will add interest to your porch area. In order to tie in with the overall look and feel of your house, choose tiles that match the properties architectural design. If tiles are too big a project, opt for a colourful doormat instead. There is some very homely about sitting a doormat in front of your doorway and it creates a welcoming appeal.


Spruce Up Your Front Door

If your existing door looks a little on the tired side, add interest with a brightly coloured paint or alternatively, invest in a custom made-to-measure wooden front door from The Sash Window Workshop or similar companies. Before painting the front door, you must clean off any spots of dirt in order to ensure you have a completely smooth surface to work with. If you choose to invest in an entirely new model, opt for a similar style to that of the rest of your house. Adding an overly contemporary door to a traditional house will only create a mismatched effect.

Add Accessories

Whether you choose a wall-mounted mailbox, new door numbers or a contemporary door lockset, all of these accessories are guaranteed to give your existing entranceway a facelift. One way to accentuate these accessories is to invest in an overhead lighting fixture. A warm, soft glow will create instant ambience, which will in turn highlight these accessories.

Keep Accessories Balanced

Accessories are a great investment, yet when placed in random positions, they can look messy as opposed to welcoming. Arranging objects in a symmetrical fashion is easy to master and is one of the simplest ways to revamp a tired space. Complement a central hanging feature with two hanging lights and a pot plant on either side. Choosing a plant both in a similar colour to that of the other accessories will keep everything in tune.

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