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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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Exploring Jogja and Visit Kampung Arab

Jogja is one of the cities in Indonesia that has higher rate of tourism. It is because Jogja always offers the convenient places to visit especially for its natural attractions. To accompany your journey, do not forget to visit Kampung Arab. It is not tourism places indeed, but this place will make your tummy full by delicious meal. This is a restaurant that offers you the meal of Middle East seasoning. Besides, visiting some tourism places, you can still find some perfect places to explore the culinary world in Jogja. So, what is so special of visiting Jogja and having culinary in this restaurant? In some following points, you may find the answers.

  1. Visiting Jogja will cover the type of your vacation. If you are a nature traveler, you can visit some natural attractions. There are many waterfalls, caves, beaches, and mountains to visit. Every single place will offer you the unforgettable moment for your vacation.
  2. If you like to see the cultural side of Jogja, why don’t you visit some museum and historical places? It will be the perfect way for you to spend your holiday while learning more about Jogja, such as Keraton and the temple.
  3. For those who love shopping, you can just visit some famous market which are still traditional and unique, such as Klitikan, Malioboro, and Beringharjo.
  4. After the entire journey, it is perfect to find your culinary world. You can get special meal with Middle East taste in restaurant Kampung Arab.

The points above show you how great Jogja is to be your destination of vacation. You can do anything you want by travelling and exploring Jogja for the most valuable experiences. Actually, Jogja is also rich of culinary taste. You can find any foods from different origins in this city. You can only decide what you want to eat, and find the place. If you are the Middle East food lovers, you can just choose Kampung Arab Yogyakarta restaurant. All foods in this restaurant are very much recommended. Perhaps, you might want to try NasiKebuli, which becomes one of the most famous foods in Jogja. You will taste the juicy beef that is cooked by great seasoning. Moreover, the food will not be completed if you do not order the drink which is cappuccino with date palm mixture. It will be perfect for you to spend your holiday since you can enjoy all the time and taste the tastiest foods in Jogja.

One of the recommended things you need to know about the restaurant is it has Shisha. Usually, the visitors like to order it since it gives different sensation of smoking. So, do not forget to take a note that in your next holiday, Jogja will be your destination. It might be the best vacation ever especially if you have tried the delicious meal from Kampung Arab Restaurant Jogja with your family and friends. Your vacation will be so much fun by choosing Jogja for your better experience in travelling.

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