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Sunday , February 25 2018
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Explore Difference Between San And Wild Card Certificates

If you are launching websites for multiple domains, ensure security or else the precious data might get stolen. There are many options for the safety of the website however the SAN certificates wild card are most popular. You can select the best alternative based on the individual requirements. Let’s find out, what the differences between the two certificates are?

San certificate wildcard:

  • When multiple sub domains have to be protected, the wild card option can be the best bet. It can perform the task with a single certificate.
  • All you have to do is to keep on adding the sub domains under the main category.
  • In comparison to the separate SSL alternative, the San certificate is cheap and viable. You pay peanuts and the get the HTTPS extension for the encryption of data. Multiple SSL sites can be hosted on a single IP address. Both Microsoft IIS 6 and Apache servers can manage the HTTPS websites using SAN certificates.
  • Another benefit of using wild card is that the users do not need to configure multiple IP addresses for each website.

SAN SSL certification:

  • Single certificate can be used for multiple domains however there are subtle differences when compared to the wild card version.
  • To start with, certificate can be issued not only for the sub domains but also the top level domains.
  • All the domains that are added should be equipped with the respective SSL certificate.
  • In a nutshell, if a server is added to the list, a SAN certificate has to be reinstalled. It can definitely prove to be an overhead for the website and increase the expenditure of the clients.

Some important points to note:

If you do not add new websites to the domain, SAN SSL certificates can be perfect solution to the problem. Multiple domains are registered with a single certificate and you can secure them without any problem.

People who are frequently adding and hosting new websites under the same domain should use wild card certification as it will go a long way in making the whole process a breeze. Although top level domains cannot be used, HTTPS extension is automatically added to the URL of the website registered under the sub domain.

Wild card certificates do not create administrative overhead as only a single certificate is created in spite of frequent hosting of the new websites.

Author Bio:

Jenifer is an experienced writer on this niche. He had written quite lot on network consultant. She has hands-on experience with San certificate wildcard technology to help the budding entrepreneurs.

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