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Thursday , January 18 2018

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Equip for your surfing adventure

While you prepare for the next surfing adventure up the beaches, be careful to buy the right equipment to supplement your adventure. There is a huge range of equipment that you can bet your money on but for a beginner, the essentials will make the adventure seeker in you to relish.

The needs of the beginner will also depend on the place where you plan to surf along with the regularity of you taking up this sport. You could browse for some adventurous travel and surfing gear in

Some of the basic items needed are:


There are basically 5 different types of surfboards:

  • Short board/Thruster
  • Long Board
  • Gun
  • Fish
  • Stand Up Paddle Board

These are the basic types while there are many variations, which should be chosen on basic factors like weight, age and surfing style. The elements to be considered are

  • Length: The longer the board, the better it is to surf but as a thumb rule, the board should be 1-2 feet taller than your original height. A longer surfboard generally helps in better paddling of the waves.
  • Thickness: Thicker boards will provide more buoyancy, which again provides easy paddling and gliding when standing up on the board. Also thicker boards are useful for heavy persons.
  • Width: Wider surfboards will be better for learning being easier to paddle while providing a very stable platform for standing.

Choosing the right board

There are many types of surfboard constructions available like epoxy boards, soft boards and pop-outs. If the surfing is a regular activity that you intend to undertake, it is better to choose epoxy boards. But if the surfing is only for holidays and is only for extreme beginners, soft board or pop-outs are much better.

Soft boards or foamies are made of foam and are very soft, which makes them easy for the beginners. They are also big, float easily and are stable in the water. Pop-outs are somewhat tougher beginner boards with a foam core with a thick fibreglass coating. This will help then stand a lot of rough work and are cheaper.

Wet Suit

Wet Suits are better to regulate the temperature of the water in which you intend to surf.  Wet suit technology has also changed dramatically over the years making it comfortable to stay in water even during winters. The wet suits are made of an elastic material called neoprene, which is stitched to form the body. The wet suit works in trapping a layer of water between the rubber and skin, which the body heat causes to heat up and insulate you.

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